Cursed Moon by Jaye Wells


JWells_CursedMoonI’m in a sort-of reading funk. Likely due to the fact that so far, 2015 has been the year of cursed technology. First the new laptop (only 2 months old) decided to die (it’s a motherboard or hard drive issue…thank the tech gods for warranties!), my old laptop needs a new AC adapter (on its way!), and my phone and tablet are both glitchy. So, I’m trying to stay OFF the Kindle for fear it’ll fail too. Enter Cursed Moon by Jaye Wells.  Why you say? Well, because I checked this awesomesauce book out from the local library. Libraries FTW!! I thoroughly enjoyed Cursed Moon and am eagerly anticipating Deadly Spells. I do love me some great action packed UF!

When a rare Blue Moon upsets the magical balance in the city, Detective Kate Prospero and her Magic Enforcement colleagues pitch in to help Babylon PD keep the peace. Between potions going haywire and emotions running high, every cop in the city is on edge. But the moon’s impact is especially strong for Kate, who’s wrestling with guilt over her use of illegal magic.

When a rogue wizard steals dangerous potions from a local coven, Kate’s team must find the thief’s hideout before the vengeful coven catches him. But the investigation uncovers the rogue’s dangerous plot to unleash chaotic magic on the city. Once the Blue Moon rises no-one’s secrets will be safe. Not even Kate’s.

I so love me some Jaye Wells novels and Cursed Moon  is just more awesomeness from Jaye.  I really enjoy how she writes. There is no lack of drama and action. And she gives you that just-right-amount of sexual tension.  Kate is always finding herself in some sort of trouble.  One minute she’s helping out with patrols and the next she’s hit with a curse. And then she gets to meet the Hierophant…who is one odd ball of a character but about whom I want to know LOTS more!  Then you have good ol’ Uncle Abe…who Kate rightfully doesn’t trust but the information he provides proves pivotal. Makes me (and Kate) wonder just what she’ll owe him in the future.

Oh and then there’s the tension between Kate and her partner. I think everyone but those 2 see it…and I think her partner knows it’s there but is just waiting for Kate to come out of denial. Add me to the fictional bet of how long before they have sex!!

One of my favorite things about Cursed Moon is the mythology.  Our baddie in Cursed Moon goes by the pseudonym of Dionysus. I lurv me some Greek mythology and you get a nice dosage with the backstory of this particular character.  It rules everything this person does throughout Cursed Moon.

I can’t say I have much negative to say about Cursed Moon, other than…it ended LOL! I serious love this series. Jaye Wells delivers another fantastic UF novel with Cursed Moon and I cannot wait to find out what trouble Kate finds herself in next.

Read Order:
Dirty Magic
Cursed Moon
Fire Water
Deadly Spells

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