Reasons I love (and hate) Book Bub and The Fussy Librarian

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I ran across BookBub and The Fussy Librarian by pure accident a few months ago and I’m stoked that I did! They are two sites that send you free daily emails with a list of suggested books based on your preferences. Since I’ve had such success with them, I wanted to give you guys a list of pro’s and con’s so you know what you are getting yourself into before signing up.

  • Thanks to these two sites, I’m finding all sorts of authors to try!
  • However, I’m downsizing my library. And thanks to these sites, I’m adding just as many as I am getting rid of, albeit digital ones but still, this is not good my friends.
  • The daily emails that are sent have a nice variety without overloading you with options. It’s the perfect length for a busy mom with 5 minutes here and there to check her email.
  • Each site sends a very different list, so I’m not having multiple suggestions of the same novel every day. Plus I have only ran into a repeat suggestion twice in the four months!
  • But there are too many days where I want every single novel from both emails. I have to either only grab the free stuff or walk away because I can’t make a decision.
  • Which reminds me, both gives the prices in the email so you know in advance what you’ll be paying for. That makes this budgeting girl HAPPY.
  • I love that your daily suggestions are based on the genre’s you pick, so you don’t have to deal with random books that you have no interest in.
  • I love that you can change your preferred lists anytime you want. You can also make them as big or as small as you want.
  • I also love that both will take you to the site you want to buy from (ie Amazon or Barnes and Noble) instead of buying from a site you aren’t familiar with. Plus this gives you the options to buy ebook, paperback or hardcover version!
  • Which means, if you can’t buy something for whatever reason, you can just add it to your wish list on Amazon so you don’t forget about it!
  • However my wish list has now tripled in size….damnit.
  • I love that The Fussy Librarian gives a review rating with their suggestions.
  • I love that the daily emails are free!
  • Yet I wish that you had to pay for their daily emails, cause I’m cheap and wouldn’t actually pay for it, which means I wouldn’t be so dang tempted by more books….

Obviously, I recommend these sites, lol. Just be warned, you’re to-read list is about to explode.

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  1. I like BookBub too. My only complaint is that I don’t care how many Amazon reviews a title receives, I would prefer a better blurb about the book.

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