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Roxy Mews is in the house – er, on the blog today!  She’s here to spread the word about her new release Three’s a Clan and to share a little bonus story with all of our (and her) fabulous readers.  Roxy’s Hart Clan Hybrids books are fun, sexy reads with plenty of laughs.  The bonus story that she’s sharing features Shelly Meyers, vampiress extraordinaire and a main character in Three’s a Clan, and her werewolves.

RMews-ThreesaClanSometimes the only way to hold on is to let it all go.

Finding out she’s a byproduct of her maker’s plan for world domination is a letdown for Shelly Meyers. Now she must figure out where to pin her loyalties. Tradition tells her to follow her leader, but something tells her tradition is overrated. Is it her conscience? Nah. Not that. Not anymore.

Richard Paulson never planned on turning furry, yet here he is, an Alpha in charge of a pack. Even with Doc, his beta, at his back, he seems to keep winding up in another frying pan.

Long ago, Trevor “Doc” Paulson gave the woman he loved to someone who could give her the life she deserved. Now, as he and Richard fight to prevent history repeating, he’s struggling not to act on pure attraction—again. He knows he should be Rick’s voice of reason, but what happens when the three of them get close makes no sense at all.

Together they must decide to let go of the past to forge a new future—and fast. Before a power-hungry vampire takes it all away.


Bonus Story: A Day in the Life of Shelly Meyers

Takes place between Love’s a Witch and Three’s a Clan

I’m not one of those women who needs a man. Technology has advanced to the point that they are more trouble than they are worth. Guys need too much stroking. Their egos, their feelings, and their…well, you get the idea.

The alarm on my phone went off and buzzed in my pocket. Office hours. It was time to head to the college campus and allow the students to earn a little extra credit.

I would have double-checked to see if I had all of the needles and blood collection equipment I needed, but it wasn’t necessary. Photographic memory comes with the miasma attached to my brain. So did the draw to stay near my Matheo and away from anyone he deemed the enemy.

Avoiding the stragglers walking around campus, I made it to my office and adjusted the name plate on my desk. “Michelle Meyers” was printed in gold. It only took a mild compulsion to get the Phlebotomy chair approved as office furniture, and it helped the students feel much better about donating blood when the chair looked more medical.

A quick tear opened a fresh box of gloves. and I was ready to go as the first student knocked.

“Am I early?”

The boy was the definition of Midwestern charm. Blond hair he’d obviously spent at least an hour on to make look messy, topped his head. He was muscular with tanned skin, and easily over six feet tall. He was also wearing some of those board shorts to let the world know he would go surfing…if he lived anywhere near the ocean. It’s hard to catch good waves in Indiana.

“You’re early, Scott, but I can fit you in. Did you need some assistance with your classwork? Or did you just want to donate for extra credit today?”

Rather than rolling up the sleeve of his T-shirt, the kid pulled it over his head.

You’d think I compelled him. You’d think I’d want to take advantage of a very virile man. You’d be wrong. What I was interested in flowed through his veins. I could have cared less about the blood flowing between his legs, as long as he left enough in his arms for me to siphon out. Being a vampire didn’t mean I didn’t have a sex drive. It just meant I had other uses for the big veins flowing through this forearms.

Scott’s breath was coming faster. He thought I was looking him over for sex.

He grinned. “I’m all about the extra credit today.”

Of course you are, sport.

“Okay then. Please have a seat in the chair and we’ll get started.”

My office hours flew by with back-to-back students. Not one of them asked for assistance with their classwork.

The cooler I used for blood was over thirty pounds with the twenty-five donations I’d acquired today. My brain zapped as the miasma updated the inventory quantities and blood types. This college seemed to attract more A negative blood than any other type.

We didn’t need to consume any particular type of blood, but everyone in my Family had their favorites. Most of the vampires I lived with were O people.

I took a swig from my own personal bottle and adjusted the cooler to make it look like carrying the weight was a struggle. Appearing human was a pain, but I was used to it.

Then the miasma hit a hiccup and my whole body twitched. The Protector goo had been doing that a lot lately. Looking around to see if anyone saw me spaz out, I caught sight of someone behind the library. A big someone.

The blood would keep long enough for me to see who it was. And for some reason I really needed to know.

Just a few dozen feet behind the building I found out.

It was Alpha Paulson. The Paulson werewolf Pack was supposed to be one of the enemies my Matheo warned me off of. According to my father, these wolves were one offense away from annihilation. But as I stood just behind a tree, I wasn’t about to fight the Pack Alpha.

I could have probably taken him. We were shaded from the heat of the sun, and I had a lot of blood in me. Instead, I left him alone. Hell, the Alpha himself had insisted on it. He’d said it was for our safety.

So I watched him instead of approaching. And my nails dug into the tree as he began to strip. Unlike the line of college boys in my office, I was watching a man.

I got to oogle his bare body for just a moment before the muscles under his skin erupted and his form hunched over from the force of the shift. I felt the power emanating from his wolf. I watched as he ran off.

“Aaahhh!” Something cold and wet touched the strip of skin between my short blouse and pencil skirt.

Another wolf trotted past me and snorted.

“If you don’t want me to watch your Alpha strip, tell him to leave his clothes on when he’s on campus.”

The wolf turned back to me and let his jaw fall open in a grin. I got to see the shift in reverse and Trevor Paulson stood naked in the woods. I didn’t bother to conceal my assessment of his assets. His smattering of chest hair tapered down to a line that traced down his stomach to his…

“He knew you were there, Shelly.”

I drew a deep breath to get more air in my lungs, and the scent of strong men invaded my nostrils. Damn, they smelled good.

“He’s the one who told me to stay away, remember?”

“As if you ever do what you’re told.”

I would have said more. Believe me, I had a lot more to say. But before I could get a word out, Trevor shifted, and his wolf took him into the woods to follow his Alpha.

Popping open the cooler, I refilled my black water bottle with a fresh donation. I drained half of it on my way home. Damn, werewolves were messing with my head.

For the rest of Shelly’s sexy story, pick up Three’s a Clan by Roxy Mews.

Meet Roxy Mews!

RMewsRoxy wrote her first story at age six on an electric typewriter. It was about a cat and a haunted house. Thankfully, her stories and technology have matured since then. Now Roxy spends her days fighting the evil day job in hopes of conquering the stories that run rampant in her head when she comes home at night. When she discovered Erotic Romance, Roxy fell in love. She can’t wait to share all her fun and sexy stories with everyone.

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