Interview: Anna Kyle

I am excited to welcome author Anna Kyle, who is celebrating the release of her debut novella, Skye Falling, a prequel to Omega Rising, the first novel in her Wolf King series to be released later this year.

AKyle-Skye FallingSkye, a Fae-shapeshifter halfing, could die if she doesn’t find out how to wake her dormant wolf, so mere rumors of the Wolf King’s return are enough to convince her to sneak through the portal between Faerie and Chicago in search of his aid. But the dizzyingly bright lights and sounds of the human realm are too tempting to ignore. So is the sexy shapeshifter wolf intent on capturing her—the one who stirs her sleeping wolf just long enough to bind the handsome stranger in a mate-bond.

Lake is willing to do anything to protect the Wolf King, a man he also calls friend. So when he receives word that a Fae princess has slipped into Chicago, he suspects a plot to assassinate the Wolf King. He’s certain capturing her will be as easy as locating her—that was his first mistake. Not only is his wolf a little too interested in Skye, but the wolf accepts her mate-bond without any say-so from him. As he unravels the truth surrounding the smart-mouthed princess and whether she’s hunting his friend or being hunted by someone else, Lake’s mission changes: protect Skye at all costs. And keep her for himself.


Quick Q&A with Anna Kyle

What do you do to escape from writer’s block?

Ugh, the dreaded sucky stucky. First I piss and moan about it to anyone who will listen but that gets old really fast (for all concerned, I’m told). Then I step away from the computer and into real life. Manic cleaning phases, weeding the yard, long rides on my horse which also includes a thorough grooming, carrying and wiping down tack – saddles are heavy – or really any kind of physical exertion seems to help. For me at least, the problem in my manuscript continues to percolate in a helpful low simmer instead of the overwhelming five alarm panic. I always come back to writing with an answer…so far, knock wood.

For example, I’d completed a novella with characters named Lake and Skye but something wasn’t right. It took some time away from it to realize that I had Skye’s character bass-ackward. Once I righted the ship and turned Skye into the strong, funny princess she is now then the words flowed and it was fantastic. That novella became Skye Falling because I didn’t force what didn’t work even if that meant cutting HALF and rewriting. I guess that could mean that writer’s block, while awful, is helpful, too.

What was the first fiction you ever wrote? Do you still have it with you?

A story about a girl and a red roan horse no one wants that she gets at an auction. It was Christmas vacation during 7th or 8th grade and I stayed up writing until 2 o’clock in the morning every day and my parents okayed it. It was a wonderful feeling. To this day the musty smell of an old manual typewriter makes me smile. I think that story is in a box in the attic somewhere but I haven’t seen it for years.

Do you have a geek side?

I have several. Politics is fascinating to me and I could talk all night about it. I don’t because I’d like to be invited to parties. Sometimes even I get overloaded and have to avoid the cable shows but I always go back. It’s a sickness, I know. Getting together with my “horse friends” lets me get my geek on with all things horse related and no one can stop us – Thoroughbred versus Quarter Horse (the answer is always Thoroughbred), gory injuries, how a particular bit worked for a particular problem, discussing at length someone’s new training exercise for their 3 year-old, and general gossip of who went where – I soak it all in. I have more geek sides but I’ll stop now.

Meet Anna Kyle!

Anna KyleAnna Kyle wrote her first story at age 12 on an old manual typewriter, and though the technology has changed, she hasn’t stopped since. She lives in the Midwest surrounded by family and friends and dogs and horses. They’ve forgiven her (mostly) when they appear in her stories. She reads everything she can get her hands on, but romances, especially paranormals, are her favorite. Vampires, humans, Fae, shapeshifters, or demons, it doesn’t matter—Anna’s heart goes pitter-pat for the Happily Ever After. Hot heroes + strong, funny heroines = awesome.

Contact Info: Website | Twitter | GoodReads | Amazon

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The Wolf King

  1. Skye Falling
  2. Omega Rising
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