50 New Author Challenge Wrap-up

One of my challenges this year was to try 50 new authors and it’s finally completed.  If I wanted to be technical, I could say I completed this a couple of weeks ago since I was also including a couple of authors I tried via anthologies.  However, I kinda thought that was cheating, so I finished the challenge over the weekend.  I have officially read 50 new authors (and their novels) for 2009.  Here’s the list of authors that were new to me this year:

  1. Acosta, Marta – Happy Hour At Casa Dracula
  2. Adrian, Lara – Kiss of Midnight
  3. Aguirre, Ann – Grimspace
  4. Alt, Madelyn – The Trouble with Magic
  5. Banks, LA – Minion
  6. Bardsley, Michele – Cupid Inc.
  7. Bishop, Anne – Daughter of the Blood
  8. Black, Jenna – The Devil Inside
  9. Blue, Parker – Bite Me
  10. Brennan, Marie – Doppelganger
  11. Brooks, Cheryl – Warrior
  12. Brothers, Marilee – Moonstone
  13. Carlisle, Liz – One Little Sin
  14. Cast, P.C. – Marked
  15. Castle, Kendra Leigh – Dark Highland Fire
  16. Dane, Lauren – Undercover
  17. Dean, Cameron – Passionate Thirst
  18. Devoti, Lori – the Wild Hunt
  19. Douglas, Carole Nelson – Dancing with Werewolves
  20. Drake, Jocelynn – Nightwalker
  21. Fox, Angie – The Accidental Demon Slayer
  22. Galenorn, Yasmine – Witchling
  23. Garey, Terri – Dead Girls are Easy
  24. Gibson, Jayel – Quondam
  25. Gleason, Colleen – Rest Falls Away
  26. Hendrix, Lisa – Immortal Warrior
  27. Hennigan, Bruce – the 12th Demon
  28. Hilburn, Lynda – The Vampire Shrink
  29. Ione, Larissa – Pleasure Unbound
  30. Kessler, Jackie – Hell’s Belles
  31. Liu, Marjorie – Tiger’s Eye
  32. MacInerney, Karen – Howling at the Moon
  33. Marr, Melissa – Wicked Lovely
  34. McCray, Cheyenne – Forbidden Magic
  35. McGary, Loucinda – The Wild Sight
  36. McKinley, Robin – Sunshine
  37. Meyer, Stephenie – Twilight
  38. Moning, Karen Marie – Darkfever
  39. Pettersson, Vicki – The Scent of Shadows
  40. Richardson, Kat – Greywalker
  41. Rowe, Stephanie – Must Love Dragons
  42. Sizemore, Susan – The Hunt
  43. Smith-Ready, Jeri – Wicked Game
  44. Snyder, Maria – Poison Study
  45. Sparks, Kerrelyn – How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
  46. Swendson, Shanna – Enchanted, Inc.
  47. Tan, Cecilia – White Flames
  48. Thompson, Ronda – The Dark One
  49. Vera, Pedro Alberto – Pulling Strings
  50. Walker, Shiloh – Through the Veil

I’m also doing this challenge next year and if anyone wants to join me, they can sign up here….

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  1. Someone asked me who my favorite new author was. I don’t think I have one, but here’s the ones who stood out for me.

    Ann Aguirre – I’m not usually a fan of science fiction and stories that take place in distant galaxies, but she really made it work. I actually went out and bought both of her novels.

    Anne Bishop – Completely in the realm of fantasy, the world she built with her Black Jewels series is amazing. Her characters have such depth to them that it was hard not to get emotional with them. I also went out and got my hands on another one of her series and am currently working through that as well.

    Jenna Black – Gay demon lovers. What else can I say? That just sticks out so much for me. I read primarily Urban Fantasy and while erotica does tend to get involved, I can’t think of another novel that includes a gay relationship with a couple of its primary characters.

    Jocelynn Drake – I liked the world she is building. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the novel, yet there are still parts that stick out for me. A book really hits home with me when I can still remember certain parts weeks after reading it. This one is like that for me.

    Robin McKinley – I have to say, her novel Sunshine was very classical for me. I love a lot of the gothic classics and this is the first author I’ve come across who has a lot of the same qualities as some of the literary masters.

    Stephenie Meyer – Okay, everyone loves her and there were certain parts about her books that I didn’t like, but after reading each novel, I was compelled to go out and buy the next one. I couldn’t wait for the library to get it in. I wanted to know what was going to happen.

    Maria Snyder – I love her characters. The world she has built is incredible and I can still see the events from her books and I read them back in Jan – March. I’m really hoping there is going to be a fourth novel in her Study series. Her next novel is coming out early next year and it’s a spinoff of her Study series, so I’m hoping that doesn’t mean there won’t be another Study book.

  2. Jackie-

    Thanks so much for including me in your new author challenge. I’m looking forward to visiting with you and your readers later this month. But for now, I’ve got the next book to finish!

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