Artist Spotlight: Agnieszka Szuba

VMoon Fairytale IVEvery so often, I come across an artist that I simply must share.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done an artist spotlight, but when I came across Agnieszka Szuba, I knew I had to do one.  I probably would have completely missed her if Richelle Mead hadn’t said that she was the one behind the covers of her German Succubus novels.  I mean, check out these covers…are they not hot?

Now that I have seen Agnieszka’s work, I am loving it.  Oh yeah, now I need more people to use LE’s Amazon store so I can afford some of her prints for my living room.  They are amazing and they are so along the lines of what I enjoy.  I’m a huge fan of Salvatore Dali, and while I wouldn’t equate them completely with his work, I will say that if you like his style, then I think you’ll enjoy Agnieszka’s work as well.

Not only are her prints amazing, but she totally does the type of covers that catches my eye.  I really don’t speak German, but after looking at some of the book covers she has done, I’m really itching to find out what the stories are like.

You know what, I could go on to say why I like them, but why don’t you see if you do.  Here’s a couple of her prints below, but you can check out her full gallery here.  If you’re like me, and lusting after her prints, you can purchase them at her Deviant Art shop.

Theatre of Things Unknown and UnseenMoon Fairytale IIW Sercu Kamienia

Dammerung 2Walk Softly a Dream Lies HereVon Hexen Und Unholden

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