I was going to do a news post for you guys tonight, then I found this over at Tez Says.  Yeah, I got a little side-tracked.  It’s the cover for the 18th Anita Blake novel by Laurell K Hamilton.  Can anyone figure out what the concept behind this is?  This doesn’t give me any kind of a flirting impression and I’m not really sure what is up with that razor blade.  It looks more like a serrated art deco non-danglingly woman part.  Or that may just be me, but that was my first impression.

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  1. I don’t understand the title name… doesn’t really match up with the most recent titles: Blood Noir, Skin Trade… But Anna is right, the graphic design of the cover matches the most recent editions of this series.

  2. I should clarify, I get that the concept is like the two previous novels, and I liked their covers, but this one is sooo different. The other two novels had bigger graphics than this dinky razor blade. I’m hoping this goes through a redesign.

  3. Well, I haven’t read any of the Anita Blake books but looking at the cover the only thing that comes to mind is: Flirting with death. Death being symbolized by the razor blade.

  4. I can totally see that Donna, but I can think of better symbols to use for “flirting with death” than a tiny razor blade. At least for a book cover. Make the blade bigger is my only thing. Plus the blue is horrendous.

  5. J.T. – that’s what I thought- Made me think someone was planning on cutting off my bits and pieces. Generally speaking I prefer to keep those sorta thoughts away from my wife.

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