Weekly Geeks v9.42: Podcasts

I haven’t done a Weekly Geeks in awhile, but this weeks topic brought something up that I’ve been meaning to ask. This week, we’re being asked the following:

Dewey worded it this way, “find and review a link to a book podcast.” I’m modifying this just a bit and am asking you to share with us a podcast you love, preferably book related, but not necessarily so. Give us the link, of course, and share with us details about that podcast and why you enjoy it so much. If you have a couple or three favorites, share them all!

If you don’t listen to podcasts at all, tell us why, or what it would take to peak your interest in them. Perhaps you could do as Dewey suggests, and do a little research (google book podcasts) and find one, then post on your blog what you discover and if you liked it or not.

Podcasts?  Is it wrong that I know what the word is and have seen it around, but I’ve never actually came across a podcast before? I’ve never listen to or heard a podcast and I wouldn’t even know where to look for one.  I keep hearing people talk about them, but that’s it.  So I have no thoughts on podcasts whatsoever, but I wanted to ask what everyone else thought about them.  Do you listen to podcasts?  Do you like them?  What’s their purpose?  Where do you find them?  Have I lost any geek cred for not knowing any or anything about them?

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