No Reservations by L. Dane & M. Hart

I have to say I am a huge fan of Lauren Dane and I really enjoyed her collaboration with Megan Hart on Taking Care of Business, but I’ll be honest…I have reservations with their follow-up No Reservations.

Four days in Vegas. Two sexy and determined men. One penthouse suite… And No Reservations.

Christmas isn’t so merry for Kate and Leah. Kate’s romantic winter holiday is destroyed by the sudden and uninvited presence of Dix’s annoying ex-wife while Brandon’s super-perfect family and a diamond ring sends Leah running for the refuge of a girl’s holiday in Sin City with Kate in tow.

Dix and Brandon both know what they want. Hopping a plane in hot pursuit, the men show up in Vegas, ready to use every sensual trick they have to convince Kate and Leah to take a gamble on forever.

First thing, I so didn’t mean that pun, but of all the Dane novels I’ve read, I have to say this is the first one I’m not instantly captivated by.  Where Taking Care of Business saw the…for lack of a better word at the moment…culmination of the two relationships, No Reservations seems to be more of a “do I or don’t I” scenario when both parties already know what they want to do.  Quite honestly, there didn’t seem to be that much of a plot, if there was one at all, and I know there really isn’t one when you get to romance novels, but I do like something besides sex and dialog. That’s exactly what this novel seemed like too.  Kate and Leah are running from how serious their relationships are becoming (even though they have no problem with it), but they have to freak out and run to Las Vegas to discuss it over spa treatments, shopping and strippers.  Granted, it does sound like fun, but they are basically reaffirming what the other already knows.

Now I do realize that this is an erotic novel and I get that there is suppose to be a lot of sex in the book, but I think I would have rather seen more “trouble in paradise” with make-up or anger sex then just blatant “let’s hop in bed together or do it wherever we can” sex.  It seemed like no matter what either party did, it always resulted in them landing in bed.  Plus, I’ll be honest, I prefer my sex to be more action orientated rather than dialog orientated and I really got tired of continually hearing I love it when you do that or your cunt is so pretty or I can’t wait to eat your pussy. Once or twice is fine, but seeing it in every chapter with both Kate and Leah just got a little tiring.

I really don’t like writing all negative comments in my reviews, and I am trying to think of good things, but I’m really drawing a blank. No Reservations was a good read once you get through all the sex, but I’m just not feeling it.  I can see a lot of potential for some great conflicts with Pickles (Kate’s nemesis) and Mike (Leah’s ex), but they were barely in the novel and I have to say I loved the scenes when she was.

Overall, No Reservations was good, but I would suggest buying Taking Care of Business and then finding this one at the library. I am really just not feeling it for some reason.

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Taking Care of Business
No Reservation

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  1. I’ve read books by both these authors and enjoyed them, I’ve had my eye on the ones they’ve done together. Maybe I should start with Taking Care of Business.

  2. Oh I loved Taking Care of Business, so I was really excited when I found out that there was a follow-up. I may have gotten out of the “erotic” mood since I’ve been reading a lot of it lately, but I didn’t think it was as great as the first one.

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