Nalini Singh Contest

On her website, Nalini Singh is having a contest. There are 5 things you have to do:

  • Write about your favorite romance novel hero(es) and why you like him/them on your blog, myspace, livejournal etc
  • Link back to this post & mention the contest
  • Post the cover of Mine to Possess if possible; and
  • Leave a comment at her website with a link to where you’ve posted your entry
  • Have your submission in by February 2nd, 2008, PST.

So in an effort to enter this contest, here are my favorite romance novel hero(es)…
The first hero I thought about was Micah from the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton. He comes into the scene during Narcissus in Chains and he never once tries to misrepresent himself. He may not have been totally honest in the beginning, but he was true to his character. He will do anything to keep his people safe. He can be soft and supportive when Anita needs it, but at the same time, don’t piss him off because he can be just as ruthless. He doesn’t feel the need to be the protector in their relationship because he knows Anita can take care of herself, but he’ll always have her back. He doesn’t try to complicate her already screwed up love life, but he’s not going to back out of it either. He’ll stand his ground and that is awesome.

The other hero I am devoted to is Jamie Fraser of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. He falls in love with Claire and learns to deal with the fact that she’s from 200 years in the future. He believes in the Jacobite cause, yet he learns that it’s doomed to failure so he tries to save hundreds of soldiers by going against the Pretender to the throne. When he fails to do so, he sends his pregnant wife back to her own time in an effort to save her and then heads back to war to die. When Claire finds out he survived the war 20 years later, she goes back and he drops everything to be back with her. He’ll do anything to keep those he loves safe and he has no problem fighting for what he believes in. He’s driven by his beliefs and he isn’t ashamed of it.

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