Winners Announced!

As usually, I’m way behind on announcing winners. I keep saying I’m going to get better but then life happens. Now that I’m running two a week (generally), I’m going to start announcing winners over the weekend, that way I can do both at the same time. However, this week, I get to announce four different winners. So let’s get this puppy going.

First up is the contest for the first two novels in Judi Fennell’s Mer series – In Over Her Head and Wild Blue Under.  In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: What do you think? Fantasy? Paranormal? Is there a difference? And the winner is…TRACEY d, who said: Tracey D said: I think there is a blurred line between paranormal and fantasy. When I think of paranormal, I think of shapeshifters, vampires, demons, etc. When I think of fantasy, I think of magic and wizards, witches, fairies….Paranormal or fantasy, I love ‘em all!.

The second contest is for a signed copy of Kelly  Meding’s novel Three Days to Dead. In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: What part of Dreg City are you looking forward to exploring? And the winner is…FREDA, who said: I would love to explore all of Dreg City, however I am a Mall chick. So I’d have to start there.

The third contest is for a signed copy of Kelly Gay’s novel The Better Part of Darkness. In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: Which legends or myth would you like to see as real?  Do you want leprechauns walking the earth or sirens to appear out at sea? And the winner is…BETHANY C., who said: I would like to see lots of different varieties of shapeshifters. Maybe if people could actually BE animals, more of us would be kinder to them!.

The final contest is for a copy of Teal Ceagh’s novel Beth’s Acceptance. In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: What are your favorite books to read this time of the year.  Do you go for those holiday romances or something a little different? And the winner is…CATHY M, who said: I don’t really read a lot of holiday stories, though I do re-read Christine Feehan’s, A Twilight Christmas every year. My book tastes run to erotic romance almost all year long, and there are so many great stories out this month from some of my favorite authors, I just put them all on my Christmas Wish List, and will just wait and see what Santa leaves me under the tree, lol.

All winners need to contact me.  Everyone has one week send me an email at myjaxon AT gmail, otherwise I’ll draw new names when I post the current week contest winners next weekend.  Please oh please everyone contact me though.  I really don’t want to have to draw new names.  :)

As always, I determined the winners by inputting all the entries into the List Randomizer, scrambling it up a couple of times, and then had the Research Randomizer pick a number.

This Weeks Contests

  1. We’re giving away three copies of Nicole Kimberling’s Happy Snak. Contest ends Dec 22nd;
  2. We’re giving away a copy of Tracy Cooper-Posey’s Ningaloo Nights . Contest ends Dec 24th;
  3. I’m giving away signed copies of Maria Snyder’s Study Books and unsigned copies of TA Pratt’s Marla Mason series. Contest ends Dec 31s;
  4. And the 12 Blogs of Christmas is still in full swing:

Day 1 – The Neverending Shelf Day 7 – Luxury Reading
Day -2 Literary Escapism Day 8 – Princess Bookie
Day 3 – Library Lizard Lounge Day 9 – Shooting Stars Mag
Day 4 – Bites Day 10 – vv32Reads
Day 5 – Ellz Readz Day 11 – The Shady Glade
Day 6 – Book Rat Day 12 – The Page Flipper
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  1. The 12 days of christmas sure sounds like fun and I am rather slow into it. I am not even sure I stand a chance but still want to say I love this idea and to win would be really nice too. I love to read books and never have too many. susan L.

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