A Christmas Dream…

It is Christmas and everything so I thought I would share my latest desire…an office. Yesterday, I was attempting to clean my office for the upteenth time, and I started wishing I had an actual desk, someplace to score all the stuff I have. Yesterday, I was on Scene of the Blog over at Kittling Books, which has an older picture of my office, and while it’s nice…I’m ready for something that wasn’t pieced together over a few years.  Then I started picturing the office I wanted. This is what I came up with:

A friend of mine, Jill, actually has one of these, but I so want this (ALVE Cabinet with doors) to put under the windows in my office. I am seriously getting tired of all the clutter that builds up in my office and this could really help with that since a lot of it isn’t just mine. The closet is filled and I’m starting to pile things everyone.

I could also use at least two of these suckers (ALVE Bookcase with drawer), but in reality, I would probably only be able to fit one in my office. However, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use the second someplace else. Right now, I have three bookcases and two bookshelves filled and I still have more books. And it’s not just books I’m looking to display either. I have a lot of interesting tidbits I’ve collected over the years that are sitting in boxes that I would love to get out. Not to say the least the few photo albums I still have.

However, the ultimate prize would be the ALVE Desk. I want a real desk again. Something with drawers and cabinets where I wouldn’t have to keep everyone on my desk. Right now, my desk is cluttered and loaded down with things simply because I can’t put them anywhere else. Books, pencils, file drawers, everyone you would typically see on a desk is either stashed on top or someplace else in the house where I have to hunt it down in order to use it. All because my current desk doesn’t have drawers. Granted, I’m not a huge fan of drawers simple because it is easy to toss stuff in there and forget it, but there are just some things that should be in a drawer.

Wouldn’t these be pretty in my office though? All of them are from Ikea and there’s one near me so I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping. The chances of any of these showing up under the tree is pretty much nil. Not with the second kid coming.  So, I will continue to hope and dream. Maybe for my birthday, after all, one of the bigs ones is coming up…hint hint.

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