Winners Galore!

I have a ton of winners to announce, so let’s get this puppy going.

Firespell by Chloe Neill

I recently had the lovely Chloe Neill at Literary Escapism and she was gracious enough to offer a signed copy of Firespell, a Firespell bookmark, a Firespell magnet, and some other goodies all from the lovely Chloe Neill.  In order to enter, everyone had to answer: What do you think shouldn’t be on a vampire’s wishlist? So without further ado, the winning response belongs to….

JACKIE B who said: A Vampire should never put A Nautilus machine or BowFlex on their wish list, they do not need to “beef up” as already stronger than us humans and it would be even more unfair advantage to muscle up…..

Crisscross by Ericka Scott

Ericka A. Scott also stopped by during the holidays and shared her favorite recipe for a Yule Log and we asked: What is your favorite holiday recipe? For the holidays, Ericka also gave away an ecopy of her new novel Crisscross and the lucky reader is…

JULIA R.B. who shared her recipe for Chocolate Cherry Cookies

12 Blogs of Christmas

It was the season for giving and the 12 Blogs of Christmas really took this to the max with 12 great contests and it’s time for me to announce my winner. I’m giving away two great set of novels (Judi Fennell’s Mer trilogy – In Over Her Head, Wild Blue Under and an ARC of Catch of a Lifetime as well as the anthology Four Dukes and a Devil, Stray by Rachel Vincent and an ARC of Annette McCleave’s Drawn Into Darkness) and in order to enter, everyone had to answer: What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year? This means I get to draw two lucky winners and they are…

Judi Fennell’s series – BELETH who said: I hope to have tons of books under the Christmas tree this year! I’ve already asked some to my family…but well, you never know!

Vincent/McCleave/Antho collection – LISA G who said: I was hoping to find an Amazon gc but it didn’t happen. Maybe next year.

And can I say holy crap people?  I had 136 readers enter the contest and that’s the most I’ve ever had. Thank you everyone!


The last winner I have to announce is for my big Blogversary contest where I’m giving away signed copies of Maria Snyder’s Glass series – Storm Glass and Sea Glass and TA Pratt’s Marla Mason series – Blood Engines, Poison Sleep, Dead Reign and Spell Games.  In order to enter, everyone had to answer: What is it about book blogs that you enjoy? Is there anything you would like to see on LE? Yea, I get to draw two more winners and they are…

1st prize – CHRISTI who said: I love blogs to find great books that I otherwise wouldn’t know about and to meet like-minded people.

2nd prize – CHERRY MISCHIEVOUS who said:  I just enjoy talking, even if there is no one listening, i.e., blogging. I like to read your views on paranormal books. I like to compare my thoughts to others and to see if a book I have bookmarked to read/buy is any good… and I always keep my eyes and ears open for a good book to read.

I Haven’t Heard From…

I still haven’t heard from Freda or Bethany who won the Meding and Gay  novels, so I’m going to redraw their names.

Kelly Meding visited Literary Escapism awhile back and she was kind enough to give away a signed copy of her new release Three Days to Dead. In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: What part of Dreg City are you looking forward to exploring? Since I haven’t heard from Freda, the new winner is…

MICHELLE, who said: definitely the dreg city nightlife!

Kelly Gay also stopped by and was gracious enough to give away a signed copy of her debut novel The Better Part of Darkness. In order to enter, everyone had to answer the question: Which legends or myth would you like to see as real?  Do you want leprechauns walking the earth or sirens to appear out at sea? Since I haven’t heard from Bethany C., the new winner is…

MARISKA, who said: Unicorns will be my choice ! it’ll be so beautiful when it’s real :).

Contact Me

All winners need to contact me.  Everyone has one week to send me an email at myjaxon AT gmail, otherwise I’ll draw new names when I post the current week contest winners next weekend.  Please oh please everyone contact me though.  I really don’t want to have to draw new names.  :)

One thing I did notice while compiling the lists, in order to be entered in any contest on Literary Escapism, you have to answer the question that is within the post.  I had a couple entries that were disqualified because they didn’t answer the question.  Yes, I do read all the answers even if I don’t immediately comment.

As always, I determined the winners by inputting all the entries into the List Randomizer, scrambling it up a couple of times, and then had the Research Randomizer pick a number.

This Weeks Contests

  1. Carrie Lofty stopped by on Friday for a surprise visit and she’s offering a copy of her new novel Scoundrel’s Kiss. Contest ends Jan 8th.
  2. Nancy Holzner will be here on Tuesday and she’s giving away a copy of her new release Deadtown.
  3. Isbella Santiago will be here on Thursday with some surprises of her own.
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  1. Jackie you nice rascal thank you so much for letting us play and am so excited to have won Firespell and other goodies from Chloe. I opened this up today on my RSS feed and email and almost screamed I WON. My husband thought had hurt myself because was so loud. Have been trying to get this particular book now since first reviewer and first contest drawing. Happy New Year 2010, thank you has have been sick since New Years Eve with horrible allergies, head cold and etc you made my weekend…..

    I have sent you my information in my email a few minutes ago!!!!

    Holy cow Batman look at all the lucky winners up in the posting what a wonderful fun way to start New Years off for book lovers, books for commenting…….
    Jackie B Central Texas

  2. Congrats to all the winners!
    I really had tons of books under my christmas tree (almost 30 lol) and now i can add three more! Thank you very much :D!!

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