New Author Challenge 2010 Is On!

We are a go on the New Author Challenge.  I’ve added Mr. Linky to the challenge page for this years reviews and I’ve closed off the one for last year.  Also, something I’m able to do this year that I wasn’t in 2009, there is still a Mr. Linky on the page for anyone who still wishes to sign up.  So regardless of the time of year, anyone can join up fairly easily – as long as Mr. Linky is working.

I could use some help on one thing.  I’ve been debating this and anyone who wants to weigh in, please do.  For the 2009 challenge, I’ve taken all the reviews that were posted and threw them on a NAC Archives page and I”ll continue to add each year’s entries to this page.  Now the question is, do I keep the previous challenge pages up at Literary Escapism or take them down so there’s only one up?  What do you guys think?

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  1. I’ve been a participant last year, plan to be one in 2010 too. I love the archiving idea, having all the links on a page somewhere (or if not links at least text, so everyone can remember, a few years from now, what new authors they discovered in 2009).

    About the 2009 challenge page, I think it would be better if you just replaced it with the 2010 one. Having only one challenge page (for the current year) would be both less confusing and less crowding for your menu bar. Also, there’s no actual need for it since there’s no reason why one will still add links there (as 2009 is over). My vote goes to “one single page” (with links to the previous years’ archives if anyone happens to be interested in those).

  2. Retaining your archive can allow you to get it back later, when someone might be looking for something. If I was in the middle of something and I needed to check data from the previous year — it is there.

    Now, how I do I become a new author on your page?


    • Patti, of course. You still attempted the author. You’re not going to love every new author you try, but at least you’re trying, that’s the goal. I had a couple on my list last year that weren’t that great and two I didn’t finished. However, the one thing I do before completely writing off an author is trying a different story. Sometimes it isn’t the author’s writing that is turning me off, but the story itself. I had that happen with one book earlier this year, but I’ve heard great things about another one of her stories. So I plan on trying that one instead. Granted, she won’t be considered a new author this year, but while first impressions do matter, they are not always the correct ones either.

  3. Thanks, I tried one this weekend and she’s going somewhere I’m not willing to go…which bums me out b/c I’d heard great things about her books. There are 9 books in the series so I think it’s just me :)

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