Zerah’s Choice & FDOC Winners!

So is anyone else shocked that I’m starting to keep up with my contests? :P  And I know you guys are all waiting to see who won the Jeaneine Frost contest, so let’s start get going.

Zerah’s Chosen

Just recently, Isabelle Santiago stopped by to discuss her new book, Zerah’s Chosen, and what better way to discuss it than to give a copy away.  In order to enter, every one had to answer: What is it about series novels that you enjoy?  What is your favorite series? Let see what the winner said…

DEBIJOT who said: I love series collections. My favorite series (it changes everytime I read another one) is the Twilight series. At the time of this reading I needed something light and flowing, and this fit the bill. With collections, you have already invested interest and feelings with these characters. You want to know what happens in their lifes next.

First Drop of Crimson

I got my hands on an ARC of Jeaniene Frost’s First Drop of Crimson and let me tell you, there are a lot of people who want to be the one to get it.  There were 93 comments alone on the site, the most I’ve ever had on one post, so I’m thinking I’m not the only one who is looking forward to its release.  Anyway, in order to enter, every one had to answer: How did you find the Night Huntress novels and Jeaniene Frost? Did someone introduce her to you? Did you randomly come across her in the store (much like I did)? If you haven’t read her yet, what is it about her novels that pique your interest? Let see what the winner said…

THE BOOK VIXEN who said:  The Night Huntress series came highly recommended by Fiction Vixen. She never steers me wrong so I knew I would like it. I’m going to be starting the 4th book either tonight or tomorrow.

Contact Me

All winners need to contact me.  Everyone has one week to send me an email at myjaxon AT gmail, otherwise I’ll draw new names when I post the current week contest winners next weekend.  Please oh please everyone contact me though.  I really don’t want to have to draw new names.  :)  Also, I’m heading out to the mailbox this afternoon, so anyone who emails me before 3p will have it out in today’s mail.  Otherwise you’ll have to wait until the next run.

As always, I determined the winners by inputting all the entries into the List Randomizer, scrambling it up a couple of times, and then had the Research Randomizer pick a number.

This Weeks Contests

  1. We’re giving away copies of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Deluxe Edition. Contest ends Jan 19th.
  2. Melina Morel will be here on January 19th and we’ll be giving away a copy of Smolder as well as all three novels in her Institut Scientifique series to two lucky readers.
  3. Jennifer Estep will be here on January 21st, suffering through one of my interviews.
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  1. Good luck in keeping up with your contests. I have many good starts and usually they last until about March and then I start slipping. Let us both try not to slip this year. We will support each other. susan L.

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