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If you haven’t seen it yet, Vicki Pettersson has a new cover for Cheat the Grave, which is available June 8th.  It’s not that big of a difference from the old one, we just lost the man.  Richelle Mead is also getting a new cover for the MMP release of her Succubus novels. I have to say, I like the new covers, they are so much more vibrant!  Thanks to Kindle Vixen for the heads up on both of these covers and she also has the older versions if you want to see the differences.

NK Jemisin (The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms) is joining a bunch of other authors to help raise money for the Virginia Avenue Project and they are trying to raise $15,000 before mid-March.  Jemison is offering up one of her author copies for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, due out Feb. 25th, as well as Godhood in the third novel (which she is currently writing).  For more information, click here, but to go straight to the bidding, click here.  There are a ton of other auctions going on, including offers from Sarah Rees Brennan, Cecil Castellucci, and John Scalzi, so I would head over and check it out.  The auction goes until March 1st.


Short Story Saturday is back, but this time it’s over at Alpha Heroes.  Did you recently review a short story or anthology? Then head over to Alpha Heroes and share it with us.  Who knows, when of us might want to read it.

Ever wondered why werewolves teach their children grammar?  SciFiGuy has the answer.

Book Chick City has the cover, and the summary, for the third Hunters Kiss novel by Marjorie Liu.  A Wild Light releases July 27, 2010.

All Things Urban Fantasy had the new cover for Kat Richardson’s Labyrinth, due out August 3rd.

Lurv a la Mode has a great roundup of a few new fantasy novels and they look really spectacular.

There’s a new vampire anthology, titled Evolved, being released in March and it looks like it has a great list of contributors.  There are 23 different authors, include one poet, and I only recognize the names Kelley Armstrong and Tanya Huff.  VampChix also brings the news that there are three separate opportunities to get special editions of Evolved, if you’re interested.

There are all these lists of what the top classic love stories are, but have you ever seen one for geek fiction (aka SF/F/H)?  Wired.com has rectified that and has posted their Top 10 Tragic Love Stories in Geek Fiction and I have to say that they came up with a really good list.

Fifty-Two Stories has posted their sixth story of the year – Tennessee by Justin Taylor.

Orbit has released the first two covers in Jesse Peterson’s Zombie Therapy series.  The novels looks amusing and Orbit pretty much assures that with their “Think Shaun of the Dead for zombie humor, plus a really good snarky madcap romantic comedy” description.

SciFiGuy has another great Weekend Report with a ton of great information.

So what do you guys think?  Can Katherine Heigl pull off Stephanie Plum?  It looks like we’ll get to find out.  The NY Daily News has reported that Heigl has been casted as Stephanie in the upcoming movie One for the Money.  There hasn’t been any word on who the rest of the cast is, but I can picture Adam Rodriguez for Ranger, with a little buffing up.  Who do you want to see cast as whom?

Anton Strout is giving away a few things to celebrate the release of his upcoming release, Dead Matter.  Contest ends February 13th.

My Book Addiction is giving away the entire Demonica series by Larissa Ione.  Contest ends February 14th.

All Things Urban Fantasy has her weekly post of all the UF/PNR contests going on around the blogosphere.

Moira Rogers and Bitten by Books is giving away a Sony Pocket Ereader.  Contest ends February 16th.

Chloe Neill is giving away a signed copy of Friday Night Bites plus a few other things.  Contest ends February 15th.

Rex Robot Reviews is having a massive giveaway.  Contest ends March 17th.

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  1. I prefer the new Cheat the Grave cover without the guy. I don’t see Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum at all!

  2. I love Katherine Heigl and all of her movies but she is NO Stephanie Plum! Stephanie is described as having brown hair and brown eyes and I always pictured her kind of messy and frumpy..but pretty. Sandra Bullock is who everyone always says who they picture but she’s a little old to play her. Anyway Katherine Heigl is just a bad pick for Stephanie. I just dont see it.

    I LOVE the cover for Cheat the Grave! I hadn’t seen that yet. Very nice!

    Thanks for mentioning my guest author/contest with Nancy Holzner!

  3. I can’t see Katherine Heigl in the role, either, much as I like her movies (and Roswell!) I think people think Sandra Bullock for the role because she has a force of personality that you just don’t see in a lot of the younger actresses. “Nice” or “pretty” just isn’t going to get the job done!

    I know he isn’t the same ethnic group, but I always pictured Avery Brooks as Ranger. I know, I know, not the right age or race, but I was always a sucker for “Hawk.”

    And Jackie, I got the books from your contest. Thank you! It brightened an otherwise snowy week!

  4. @NK – All fixed. Sorry about that!

    @everyone else – I think Heigl could do it, but I’m going to wait and see how they make her up. Her hair and eyes can be changed, it’s all about the attitude at this point. Can she pull it off is the question? She needs the Jersey attitude and if she can pull that off, then its possible she’ll be able to do Stephanie.

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