Do we do more NAC Mini Challenges?

Even though I have been terrible at my own mini-challenge, I have had a lot of fun reading everyone else’s reviews of the League of Reluctant Adults.  So I started thinking, should do we do this again?  Elie from Ellz Readz thinks we should and I’m with her.  However, this is the New Authors Challenge, not the New UF/PNR Challenge, so I need some help from all the participants.  In order to ensure that not all of the mini challenges will be based on UF/PNR authors (since that’s the genre I know), can anyone help me out with more author collaborative sites?  I know of these sites:

I’m planning the next Mini Challenge for April and I already have something brewing…think Battle Royale.  Since most of the collaborative sites above have half the number of authors than the League, I’m thinking of pitting two sites against each other.  I.e. Deadline Dames vs Magic District with a total of three prizes being offered.  Again, I’m still brainstorming, but what does everyone think?

So here’s where I need the help.  I need more variety in my collaborative sites.  Not that there is anything wrong with any of these (there’s not, I read a lot of them), but again, this isn’t a UF/PNR challenge.  If anyone knows of others sites, let me know.  I’m looking for the Name (obviously), a link, their genre and how many authors contribute.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll throw up a poll with all the links I receive and the top two vote getters will be the focus of our next mini-challenge.

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  1. I think this is a great idea. Unfortunately, I read almost exclusively UF/PNR, so I don’t really know of another site to use. I’m very interested to see what others come up with. (by the way… two down and 3 to go with the League Challenge… still have to write my reviews, though)

  2. I’d love to do a mini challenge and if you do it after Easter, I can join in. I did a book ban for Lent so couldn’t join in. Though I added many of the books from the League to my wish list. :) I can’t think of any other sites at the moment.

  3. All right I culled my blog list to see what I could offer up:

    (18 authors)Casablanca Romance: This is for Sourcebooks Romance line–its historical, paranormal, contemporary, fantasy…all sorts of romance, with lots of new to people authors.

    (7 authors)The Chatelaines: Another romance author mixed genre set-up, though mostly geared towards their historical novels with some paranormal thrown in for good measure.

    (7 authors)Alien Romances: Pretty self-explanatory, but geared towards more scifi romance and futuristic romance with some paranormal thrown in

    (6 authors)Risky Regencies: historical authors, mostly regency era

    (21 authors)Unusual Historicals: A blog set up for authors who use history as a backdrop but who use it in a more exotic way.

    (36 authors)Enchanted Inkpot: YA and MG authors that write in the fantasy genre.

    Ahh I wish I had a more diverse reading theme, but sadly…hopefully this helps!

  4. and my last comment, with all the links, was filtered by the spam filter because of all the links so you may want to check to see if it can be recovered…

  5. Jackie, you have a great list here! I am with you, mainly PNR/UF. But I also mix in a lot of YA.

    Boys Books and Buzz has 7 YA authors

    The Inkies from the Enchanted Inkpot is a large group of YA fantasy authors-don’t know if they would work though, I’m not sure if they are the same sort of group as the League.

    There are always the tenners, but they aleady get tons of attention from the ya debut author challenge. I sure they would always want more though.

    The Fictionistas are a group of 6 authors who write…YA? maybe.

    Teen Fiction Cafe has 13 YA authors

  6. There’s Genreality with six authors of different genres. Carrie Vaughn is one of the contributors and there are authors from the thriller, romance and horror genres too.

  7. I can add a few thriller based collective blogs:

    Murderati — 14 authors — thriller/mystery –
    Killer Fiction — 5 authors — romantic suspense/mystery –
    First Offenders — 5 authors — thriller/mystery —
    The Lipstick Chronicles — 7 authors — mystery/thriller —
    The Outfit — 11 authors — thriller —

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