The Harlequin by LK Hamilton (Audiobook)

I just finished my first audio book. Since Laurell K. Hamilton’s new novel Blood Noir will be out in June, I decided to listen to the Harlequin. I’ve already given a review on the novel, so this one will be on the audio book only.

The novel was read by Cynthia Holloway and she did a good job. I do have to say, having the same person do all the voices for the characters is weird. You get a certain image of each character in your head, and it didn’t seem the voices matched with my own image. I imagine that’s true of any audio book though. I will say, if you haven’t actually read the novel before getting an audio book, then read it first. I wouldn’t try a new author this way. There were times I found it hard to figure out who was speaking, but since I knew the book, it was easy to figure out. If someone isn’t familiar with the story, then it could be a little confusing. It probably depends on the book, but I think that is the case with the Harlequin.

I’ve never really tried an audio book before, and overall, I have to say, I kinda like it. I can pop the CD into my computer and play games and listen to a book at the same time. I can get my reading fix in when I’m not in the mood to actually read anything and I still get the great story. This is actually a great way to go back and catch up on a series before new books come out. I am definitely going to check out another one.

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