the Outlaw Demon Wails by K. Harrison

0I just finished Kim Harrison’s The Outlaw Demon Wails and I have to say that I love the new twist to the ongoing plot. The entire novel is riveting. We explore and learn more about so many of Rachel’s different relationships that they add more to the novel. Kisten is a lingering shadow for both Ivy and Rachel, we meet some new characters that are going to impact Rachel’s life, and there are some life secrets that shock Rachel to the core. Strangely, there doesn’t seem like there is a lot going on, but then you find out you’re 100-200 pages in and you start thinking of what has happened. The plot is subtle and yet is so engaging that I couldn’t drop the book.

At the beginning, I felt like I had missed something, but that was mainly my fault. It’s been awhile since I read For a Few Demons More and there was a scene that is referred to and I had forgotten it. If you haven’t read it lately, then I would or at least check out the last couple of chapters. It’s not necessary to remember the scene, but it does explain the reasoning for one character and I’m thinking it’s going to have a bigger part in the next novel.

Overall, this is another great novel by a great author. I love this series and The Outlaw Demon Wails just reinforces it. I can’t wait to see what happens next and the relationships Rachel finds herself in (new and old) can only get more interesting.

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  1. That was a very great review!! Thanks for not putting in any spoilers for those who have to wait for amazon to ship their copies!! LOL

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