Look Who’s Going to RT: Carolyn Crane

Can you introduce yourself to my readers a little?
Hi! I’m Carolyn Crane, newbie author. My first book, Mind Games, came out last month, and the second in the trilogy, Double Cross, comes out in September. I also run the blog The Thrillionth page. I live in Minnesota, where I’m married, work as a freelancer, drive a duct-taped car, and get bossed by two cats.

Can you introduce us to the world that you have created?
Midcity is a decrepit and fantastical Midwestern rust belt city in the grip of a crime wave. The Midcity media don’t want to admit it, but the culprits are mostly people with paranormal powers due to genetic mutations. And deep in the downtown, there’s a tortured, handsome mastermind trapped in a Mongolian restaurant for eternity. And he has set up a psychological hit squad of totally neurotic people.

Will this be your first RT or are you a veteran? Any advice for those who are going for the first time?
This is my first RT. In fact, it is my first EVER convention of any kind. I’m very scared and excited. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know what to wear, either!!! (Suggestions welcome.) And what is the deal with the fairy ball? Do people dress up? Can I wear a movie star gown? Not that I have one.

Are you speaking on any panels during RT? Are there any you are looking forward to?
Gah!! I’m moderating this one:

True Blood, Twilight and The Vampire Diaries —Hollywood has jumped at the ravenous hunger for urban fantasies and is making them available on both big and small screens. What is the popularity of demons, zombies and other strange creatures of the night? What is this insatiable hunger for urban fantasy, perpetuated by readers and moviegoers? Authors at various stages of selling film rights will discuss the process, from contracts to behind the scenes.?Captain: Richelle Mead Panelists: Holly Black, Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris, Melissa Marr Moderator: Carolyn Crane

And I’m on this one:

Learn how to incorporate paranormal elements into your story no matter what genre you are writing in. Captain: Patrice Michelle Panelists: Jeaniene Frost, Melissa Marr, Lucy Monroe, Vicki Pettersson and Carolyn Crane!

And there are so many panels and workshops I want to go to, my head sometimes spins, and I’m really psyched to meet my fellow authors.

If someone were wanting to meet up with you at RT, who should they look for?
Well, I have included the photo that most looks like me. I’ll probably be the one excitedly glomming onto one person after another that I have met online, alternating with being tongue-tied and possibly hiding in a dark corner. I am a total hermit in real life, so I get overwhelmed really easy. But, most authors are a bit loner-y aren’t they? So maybe there will be lots of occupied dark corners.

You can also find Carolyn at the wonderful blog, The Trillionth Page.

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