The Witches of Dixie by L. Stamps

Laura Stamps’ The Witches of Dixie includes several short stories about witches who have had something bad happen in their lives.  With each story, you get to learn about the witches and their troubles and then see how each of them deals with their dilemmas.

Meet the Witches of Dixie. Savannah Monroe’s life is sliding toward disaster no matter how hard she works or how many spells she casts. Maylene Whitmire thinks she is disappearing. Mirabella Middleton’s successful art career begins to crumble in a flat economy, while Ravena Riley’s husband sinks toward the angry depths of a midlife crisis. Four Southern Witches whose lives suddenly turn widdershins as they scramble to understand what’s happening. Almost every chapter in this award-winning novel contains a real spell, chant, or ritual. You’ll also find information on feral cat rescue, holistic healing, perimenopause, how to shrink uterine fibroids naturally, magickal prosperity principles, and much, much more!

The Witches of Dixie was very empowering.  When you are reading these stories about how things just went wrong and how each of the women dealt with their circumstances, you realize they are just like you and that if they can get through it so can you!  Their stories are realistic and you learn how they deal with these situations and turn them around into something good.

Laura Stamps has a way with words, she is so descriptive that there is no doubt in your mind what the weather was like or what the surroundings looked like because you get the feeling of being there with her words.

The one thing that I found odd about the book were all of the tangents in it.  Instead of a straight storyline, the character will start talking about things not related to the issues, which would then end up getting me lost. Though it was a good lost because again she is so descriptive and it was a pleasant read.

I look forward to reading the following books as I was told they continue on with the same characters.

Read Order:
The Witches of Dixie
What Witches Want
Call of the Witches
The Year of the Cat: New Poems

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  1. Tricia, thanks for the tweet on this. Cool! And I’m glad you enjoyed the book. “The Witchery Series” is a trilogy. “The Witches of Dixie” is Book 1, “What Witches Want” is Book 2 and a sweet romance, “Call of the Witches” is Book 3 and an erotic romance. All very empowering for women, all contian real spells, chants, and rituals.

    More good news! This series will be coming out in ebook in about 2 weeks. Squeeee!

    “The Year of the Cat” is not related to this series. It was published two years earlier and was nominated for the “Pulitzer Prize” in 2005.

    Wonderful to hear from you again, gf! You have been so quiet this year. I know you’ve been slammed like the rest of us, but it’s great to hear from you again and I love your blog. WOOT!

    Laura Stamps

  2. Thanks hun! I am so glad you dropped by :) Its awesome to hear about your ebook releases! I am so glad you got that hunky new agent that treats you right!
    And yup, been super busy, but I still try and get my reading in! lol.

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