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Attorney by day, Publicist for Barclay Publicity and reviewer/LE (assistant) editor by night. I'm a huge book nerd and love to read. I have 2 dogs, both Labrador retriever mixed breeds, who are very rotten and think they run the house. Let's not lie, they totally do, I just can't them know it ha ha! My usual genre is romance or urban fantasy. I love all things having to do with paranormal, with the occasional good contemp/BDSM/erotica thrown in to spice it all up.

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Lights, Camera…Monsters by L. Dubois

11 August 2011 Nicole 0

Ever read a blurb, think the plot sounds pretty cool, only to end up slightly disappointed because it fell a bit flat? Well, to be honest, that is what Lights, Camera…Monsters by Lila DuBois was for me. Luke is desperate to save his people. A lifetime of sneaking in to human houses […]

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Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance

1 August 2011 Nicole 1

I am a pretty big fan of Karen Chance’s Cassie Palmer series and was super excited for the fifth book, Hunt the Moon, to finally hit shelves after such a long long wait between this release and the release of Curse the Dawn. Cassandra Palmer recently defeated a god, which […]

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A Table for Three by L. Reese

31 July 2011 Nicole 0

Sometimes you’re just in a mood for a good ménage, right? I hadn’t intentionally set out to buy one when I was perusing ebooks the other day, but who could resist getting a book titled A Table for Three (by Lainey Reese). You instantly know it’s gonna be a ménage […]

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Bloodlust by Michelle Rowan

30 July 2011 Nicole 0

A few months ago,  I picked up Nightshade by Michelle Rowan on the recommendation of a friend whose reading taste is very similar to mine. I flew through it. It was awesome and left you wanting more.  Well the sequel, Bloodlust, finally came out the beginning of July, so of course, […]

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Rock Hard by O. Cunning

20 July 2011 Nicole 0

Rock Hard is the second in the Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning and is just as hot and steamy as her first in the series, Backstage Pass.  Another erotic romance, Olivia doesn’t disappoint if you’re looking for some good, smutty reading. Sinners’ lead singer, Sed, had his heart […]

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Backstage Pass by O. Cunning

14 July 2011 Nicole 0

I originally only downloaded a sample of Olivia Cunning’s Backstage Pass (book 1 in her Sinners on Tour series) to see if I would enjoy it. You see, I’m not all that into contemporary romances, but will occasionally read some.  I didn’t foresee how quickly this would hook me and […]