About Rayna

I am a engineer and student with three children. I love to read so much that I had to open a book store to support my habit. I love all kinds of genres of books. I have recently been re-reading some older novels, classics, and have been on the hunt for new authors to become fans of.

Here are my most recent posts

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T’Aragam by JW Regan

4 August 2009 Rayna 1

The first novel in the the Max Ransome Chronicles by Jack W. Regan, T’Aragam introduces us to our reluctant hero, Max Ransome. Young Max Ransome, who watched his father die, killed by marauding phantors, as they swept through T’Aragam at the bidding of the evil wizard Zadok. Barely escaping with […]

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The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness by C.A. Milson

6 July 2009 Rayna 0

Last fall, we received a copy of CA Milson’s The Chosen and that was what was previously reviewed.  When we were given The Chosen: Rise of Darkness, we both thought that it was a sequel, not the same story, newly revised.  However, it came to our attention that the second […]

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Chosen by C A Milson

1 July 2009 Rayna 12

I really had a hard time trying to read Chosen by C.A. Milson. In the sleepy little town of Winmont, an ancient evil has awakened, intent on enslaving humanity. The fate of the world is in the hands of one man, but can he overcome the forces that dare to […]

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Jaz Parks by J. Rardin

1 July 2009 Rayna 2

Jaz Parks, an uber assassin and vampire companion with a hottie vampire as a partner – what is not to love about that?  I have been reading about Jaz Parks for a while now and I absolutely love her.  There are five books in the series: Once Bitten, Twice Shy, […]

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Kept By Z. Winters

4 March 2009 Rayna 2

In this first novella, Kept,  Zoe Winters writes about a woman, Greta, whose destiny is to die unless she gets an evil sorcerer, Dayne, to help and protect her. Along the way they fell in love and then the betrayal of parents, and the threat of doom, start to complicate […]

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Scarlet Woman by S. Munro

23 February 2009 Rayna 1

Scarlet Woman is the first book in Shelley Munro’s Middlemarch Mates series. This is a romance paranormal/shifter story. I found this short novel to be a scrumptious piece of work. Passion and excitement are weaved in the story effortlessly. I absolutely loved it. It was not oversexed like other some […]

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Bloodwind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

17 February 2009 Rayna 2

Bloodwind is the first book in Charlotte Boyett-Compo’s Wind Demon Trilogy. On frontier station Khamsin-14, Prime Reaper Kamerone Cree is a man to be feared. When the shapeshifting assassin comes on board, women lock their doors and warriors shiver in fear as he passes. Garnering his notice is something no […]