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Bourbon Street: Abigail Barnette

21 February 2012 Jackie 4

Did you see the latest AAD Author visiting Larissa’s Bookish Life yesterday with her own After Dark on Bourbon Street story? You should totally go read it…like now. After Dark on Bourbon Street A lot of AAD attendees know me not as Abigail Barnette, my erotica-romance writing alter-ego, but as […]

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Queene of Light by J. Armintrout

23 July 2010 Marissa 1

I have to say I had mixed feelings about Queene of Light, which is the first book in the new Lightworld/Darkworld series by Jennifer Armintrout. In a time not long from now, the veil between fantasy and reality is ripped asunder—creatures of myth and fairy tale spill into the mortal […]

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Ashes to Ashes by J. Armintrout

17 August 2007 Jackie 0

So I just finished reading Ashes to Ashes by Jennifer Armintrout. It was kind of anti-climatic in my opinion. You get geared up for this big fight scene and then it’s over rather quickly. So quickly it seems that I skimmed through it [the fight scene] without realizing it. I’ve […]

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The Turning & Possesion by J. Armintrout

29 June 2007 Jackie 0

I came across a new author the other day and I’m not entirely sure what I think of her books yet. Jennifer Armintrout has a series called Blood Ties. The first book in the series is called the Turning and it introduces us to the main character – Dr. Carrie […]