Generation 18 by Keri Arthur

25 December 2014 Nicole 0

I love urban fantasy novels, usually because they are more dark, gritty and focus less on the romance aspect but still have sexual tension/romantic elements (though not always). Generation 18 by Keri Arthur, book 2 of her Spook Squad series, gave me all of this, and I devoured it in a […]


Memory Zero by Keri Arthur

4 September 2014 Nicole 1

I have been looking high and low for a new UF series that fits my need for dark and gritty. It’s hard to find since I feel like I’ve read most of the good ones. I’ve read a few novels by Keri Arthur before and loved them.  However, I couldn’t […]

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Moon Sworn by K. Arthur

29 May 2010 Jackie 4

My time of mourning has begun. Keri Arthur’s Moon Sworn is so fabulous that its criminal. I mean, this is it for Riley. There is no more and after reading Moon Sworn, I so want more. Shape-shifting werewolf and vampire Riley Jenson is through with death—causing it, solving it, surviving […]

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Interview: Keri Arthur

27 May 2010 Jackie 13

While at RT, I had the chance to talk with Keri Arthur and I so took it. There was so much I wanted to know regarding Riley, but of course, at that point in time, Keri couldn’t tell me much. Well, her answers were all the same – read Moon […]

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Bound to Shadows by K. Arthur

24 November 2009 Jackie 4

Have you read the Riley Jenson series by Keri Arthur yet? If you haven’t, you’re really missing out because the latest installment, Bound to Shadows, is freaking fabulous. Part vampire, part werewolf, Riley Jenson knows what can happen when vamps don’t play well with others. But she’s never seen anything […]

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Deadly Desire by K. Arthur

18 June 2009 Jackie 7

I actually finished Deadly Desire a week ago, but since Weekly Geeks was all about leaving questions for reviews, I held it off until now. However, GOD this was a great novel! Guardian Riley Jenson always seems to face the worst villains. And this time’s no different. For it’s no […]

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Hotter than Hell (Anthology)

14 August 2008 Jackie 0

Hotter than Hell is an anthology including some of today’s great paranormal authors. We’re introduced to everything from Greek sirens to demons to vampires. We get to meet some old friends as well as meet some new ones. Hotter Than Hell is a good anthology for anyone looking to try […]

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The Darkest Kiss by K. Arthur

2 May 2008 Jackie 3

The latest novel in the Riley Jensen series by Keri Arthur, The Darkest Kiss picks up a couple of months after Embraced by Darkness and Riley is getting over her broken heart. She has to deal with two serial killers as well as trying to kick some sense into her […]