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Sleeping with the Fishes by M. Davidson

31 July 2010 Jennifer 5

You would not believe the sheer number of books that I’ve read that have vampires and weres as the main characters. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good story with my ‘go to’ paranormals, but I figured it might be interesting to read a story that didn’t involve them. […]

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No Rest for the Witches (Anthology)

18 August 2008 Jackie 1

No Rest for the Witches brings together some of the hottest names in paranormal romances: MaryJanice Davidson, author of the Queen Betsy series (Undead and Unwed) Lori Handeland, author of the Nightcreatures series (Blue Moon) Cheyenne McCray, author of the Magic series (Forbidden Magic) Christine Warren, author of The Others […]

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Battle of the Covers

9 July 2008 Jackie 1

It’s not often that Amberkatze and I don’t agree on a book. I have never really been steered wrong by her, but this time we both ended up with two entirely different opinions on Undead and Unworthy by MaryJanice Davidson. Her review actually makes me want to go get it […]

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Undead and Unworthy by MJ Davidson

2 July 2008 Jackie 2

I finally got my hands on the new MaryJanice Davidson novel, Undead and Unworthy. It’s the seventh book in the Queen Betsy series and I have to say it wasn’t as great as her previous novels. There’s nothing about the book that is standing out for me, so here’s a […]

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Dead Over Heels by MJ Davidson

14 April 2008 Jackie 3

I can’t say Dead Over Heels is an anthology, but it is. It’s three short novellas, but they are all by MaryJanice Davidson, focusing on her three worlds. The first story, Undead and Wed: A Honeymoon Story finally gives Betsy and Eric a honeymoon after their disastrous wedding. Everything starts […]

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Fred the Mermaid by MJ Davidson

12 April 2008 Jackie 2

I just finished reading MaryJanice Davidson’s Fred the Mermaid series. I’ll report on each book, but my overall impressions are pretty much the same. The main character, Frederika, is a mermaid hybrid – human mother, merman father. In the novels, Fred is very anti-social. She would rather be alone and […]

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Undead and Uneasy by MJ Davidson

21 June 2007 Jackie 0

Undead and Uneasy is the latest installment in the Betsy Taylor series by MaryJanice Davidson. While I’m a big fan of this series, I have to say I wasn’t that crazy about this contribution. It just seemed like the main character, Betsy, did more complaining and there wasn’t that much […]