SWalker-All the Time in the World

Escapist Newsletter (Vol 6 Issue 10)

2 October 2012 Jackie 0

News from LE You would think the School’s In feature would be the first thing on my mind, but it isn’t. Nope. I just heard about feedburner going away….what?! I don’t know what rock I’ve been under, but I guess the Feedburner API will be turned off on October 20th, […]

PBornikova-This Case is Gonna Kill Me

Escapist Newsletter (Vol 6 Issue 9)

10 September 2012 Jackie 1

News from LE I have some fabulous things in the work here at LE.  Well, the most recent one is the SCHOOL’S IN event which is featuring 30 different authors who are celebrating August and September releases. Make sure you swing by and check them out; each author has stopped […]

SSwendson-Much Ado About Magic

Escapist Newsletter (Vol 6 Issue 8)

7 August 2012 Jackie 1

News from LE Speaking of contests, today starts the second half of the RT Poster Reading Challenges. Here’s a link to the first challenge if you haven’t had a chance to stop by yet. I should mention that the RT posters will not be the only thing the two winners will […]

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Escapist Newsletter (Vol 6 Issue 7)

4 July 2012 Jackie 1

News from LE There’s not a lot to report from the LE front. I guess the biggest one (or maybe two) would be that the RT Poster Challenge will begin on Friday.  I was going to start it this past weekend, but I’m still working on figuring out which board […]

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Escapist Newsletter (Vol 6 Issue 6)

7 June 2012 Jackie 1

News from LE Do you love the science fiction and/or fantasy genres? Have you ever thought about reviewing them online? If so, LE is looking for a strictly science fiction and/or fantasy reviewer to join us staff.  Here’s briefly what I’m looking for: Literary Escapism is looking to add a […]

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Escapist Newsletter (Vol 6 Issue 5)

1 May 2012 Jackie 2

News from LE Before we get too far, let’s announce the winner of the Linda Poitevin contest.  Linda recently came by with a fabulous short prequel story to her Gregori Legacy series and from everyone’s reaction, it is one not to be missed.  While she was here, we gave away […]

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Escapist Newsletter (Vol 6 Issue 4)

3 April 2012 Jackie 1

News from LE Have you been reading along with Dark Faerie Tales and I as we get caught up on the Black Dagger Brotherhood?  The discussion for Lover Unleashed has been posted over at Dark Faerie Tales.  Teams DFT and LE are now deep into the story of Thor in […]

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Escapist Newsletter (Vol 6 Issue 3)

3 March 2012 Jackie 3

News from LE February is the month of fabulous opulence in the Big Easy and to celebrate the Mardi Gras season, as well as the fact that the Authors After Dark convention will be there in August, LE invited a ton of the AAD authors to show us around New Orleans. […]

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Escapist Newsletter (Vol 6 Issue 2)

5 February 2012 Jackie 1

News from LE I am so totally late with the newsletter this month, but I totally blame it on the Authors After Dark on Bourbon Street event. I was so busy getting that around that I completely forgot about the newsletter until this weekend.  Oh wait…you do know what the Authors […]

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Escapist Newsletter (Vol 6 Issue 1)

1 January 2012 Jackie 1

News from LE Book Chick City celebrated the season with a week of Christmas Memories from her fellow bloggers and I happened to be one of them. My own Christmas Memories is a little sketchy, but my boys are changing that. Don’t forget, LE is also hosting a couple of […]