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The Sleeping Beauty by M. Lackey

30 December 2010 Casey 3

As a lover of fairy tales, I was slightly apprehensive about reading Mercedes Lackey’s The Sleeping Beauty. Some authors simply replicate the overused cliches and “traditional” Disneyesque characteristics, but I shouldn’t have worried. Mercedes Lackey created a vivid world full of classic fairytale elements with her own unique, personal twist to it all in her latest addition […]

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Outstretched Shadows by M. Lackey and J. Mallory

12 March 2010 Jennifer 1

It took a while to get into the story, but once I did, Outstretched Shadows had me glued my chair. Kellen Tavadon, son of the Arch-Mage Lycaelon, thought he knew the way the world worked. His father, leading the wise and benevolent Council of Mages, protected and guided the citizens […]