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The Time Weaver by S. Abé

27 August 2011 Casey 0

I only know the bare minimum about time travel, and of that knowledge, I understand less than half of it. That didn’t stop me from loving Shana Abé’s The Time Weaver, which was all about time travel. Honor Carlisle may have been born into the drákon clan but she’s always felt […]

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The Treasure Keeper by S. Abé

24 August 2011 Casey 1

Usually in romance novels, the heroine is the damsel in distress and in desperate need of a rescue. Yet in the Treasure Keeper by Shana Abe, Zoe shattered that cliché by going on a quest to find and rescue her man. She is a young drákon of untried powers. He […]

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Queen of Dragons by S. Abé

4 July 2011 Casey 0

I loved Shana Abé’s Queen of Dragons. Loved it more than the first two books in the series. It was just that awesome. They are the stuff of glittering legend, supersensual creatures able to shape-shift from human to smoke to dragon. Now they face an enemy determined to destroy their […]

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The Smoke Thief by S. Abé

14 March 2011 Casey 3

I love shape-shifters. I love the idea of a person being able to change from a human into an animal. Werewolves are the most commonly seen shape-shifter, but I’ve also read about tigers, bears, leopards, even a sparrow once. In Shana Abé’s novel The Smoke Thief, I was introduced to […]

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The Dream Thief by S. Abé

29 December 2010 Casey 1

This review is really hard for me to write, because I so wanted to like The Dream Thief by Shana Abé. When I first read it, I was left feeling like I had only skimmed the surface of what could have been a great novel.  The Dream Thief wasn’t exactly lacking […]