Tarnished Knight

My Thoughts on a Scattering of Novels (Pt 1)

9 September 2014 Jackie 0

Every so often I tend to get in a super-clean/super-organizing mode, or I’ll get really focus on something and then go all in. I’m kind of doing that now. My drafts folder has been driving me nuts. How many times have we sat down to write a review, get a […]


Stolen by Shiloh Walker

27 January 2013 Casey 0

I have heard nothing but good things about Shiloh Walker, so I jumped at the chance to read her romantic suspense book, Stolen. Unfortunately, I just did not connect with Stolen at all. In fact, I barely made it past page 75 before giving up simply because both the hero […]

SWalker-Blind Destiny

Blind Destiny by Shiloh Walker

3 October 2012 Jackie 1

The seventh novel in Shiloh Walker’s Grimm Circle series, Blind Destiny, brings back two characters we’ve seen before and tells us a little more about them. However, for the first time, there’s a little something missing. Myrsina knows the stories. As one of the oldest of the Grimm, she had […]

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School’s In: JC Daniels & Kit and Doyle (Contest)

13 September 2012 Jackie 11

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is going back to school and so is JC Daniels’s Kit and Doyle from Blade Song. Kit Colbana—half breed, assassin, thief, jack of all trades—has a new job: track down the missing ward of one of the local alpha shapeshifters. It should be […]

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Exclusive Excerpt: Blind Destiny by Shiloh Walker

8 September 2012 Jackie 0

Today, I am excited to bring you a glimpse into the next installment in Shiloh Walker’s fabulous Grimm Circle series, Blind Destiny. Myrsina knows the stories. As one of the oldest of the Grimm, she had a hand in writing most of them, but only she knows the dark origin […]

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Grimm Tidings by Shiloh Walker

6 September 2012 Jackie 1

I can always count on Shiloh Walker to keep me completely enraptured in whatever story she is telling. This is no less true with the seventh (or sixth depending on how you count them) Grimm Circle novel, Grimm Tidings. In his mortal life, the only thing Jacob liked better than […]

JCDaniels-Blade Song

Exclusive Excerpt: BLADE SONG by J.C. Daniels

1 August 2012 Jackie 0

I am excited to welcome author Shiloh Walker today who is releasing a brand new urban fantasy novel under the name JC Daniels. Blade Song is definitely worth a read, if not for the yummy mean involved. Kit Colbana—half breed, assassin, thief, jack of all trades—has a new job: track […]

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Look Who’s Going to RT: Shiloh Walker

8 March 2012 Jackie 0

Can you introduce yourself to my readers a little? I’m a mom, a wife. I read, I write, I play on twitter and I talk a lot. I’m also very contrary at times and I’m more than a little weird. I can be found at: website | Blog | Facebook […]

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Black Friday: Shiloh Walker

1 December 2011 Jackie 4

Black Friday is here and we’re discussing the season with Shiloh Walker’s Ezra and Lena from If You Hear Her. A CRY IN THE WOODS The scream Lena Riddle hears in the woods behind her house is enough to curdle her blood—she has no doubt that a woman is in […]