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Dime Store Magic by K. Armstrong

24 May 2006 Jackie 2

Book three in Kelley Armstrong’s “Women of the Otherworld Series, Dime Store Magic continues the tale of Paige Winterbourne and her new charge, Savannah. After gaining the custody of a 13 year-old, Paige must now fight to keep her. It seems that the half-demon, Leah, still wants her. When Leah […]

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Bloody Bones by LK Hamilton

9 May 2006 Jackie 0

The fifth novel in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series is Bloody Bones. In it, Anita finds herself going to Branson Missouri to raise a mass grave. While she is there, she is called in to give her opinion on a vampire kill. After giving her opinion, she is kicked […]

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the Laughing Corpse by LK Hamilton

8 May 2006 Jackie 0

Everyone knows or has heard of the various legends and myths surrounding vampires and lycanthropes; libraries are filled with varying tales and characteristics of these creatures. However, there are few stories surrounding necromancers. In the second novel, The Laughing Corpse, Hamilton brings Blake’s talent to the forefront and includes us […]