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Embrace the Night Eternal by J. Ware

15 August 2011 Casey 1

Typically, for me, a sequel is rarely better than the first book in any series. That was not the case for Embrace the Night Eternal by Joss Ware, the second book in her Envy Chronicles. It was more suspenseful, more romantic and more intense, ensnaring me from page one and never letting go. Simon […]

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Xombies: Apocalypso by W. Greatshell

14 August 2011 Casey 1

If you haven’t read read any of Walter Greatshell’s Xombies novels, I have two things to say to you. One, why not? And two, what are you waiting for? A group of women have been discovered who are immune to the Agent X plague. The secret of their immunity can […]

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Beyond The Night by J. Ware

19 July 2011 Casey 4

Usually when I try to imagine a post-apocalyptic Earth, I think of dry, barren wastelands with a mainly reptilian population. That’s completely opposite to the lush post-aocalyptic world Joss Ware introduced in her novel Beyond the Night, the first book in her Envy Chronicles. It’s even full of lions, tigers and elephants! When […]

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Mockingjay by S. Collins

2 September 2010 Jennifer 6

Have you ever read a book that was so good it’s impossible to read anything for days after because you know that nothing else will be able to compare? Every time you pick up something your unable to fully appreciate it because you are still sorting through how the previous […]

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Spider-Touched by J. Strong

21 September 2009 Jackie 1

I love Jory Strong’s Ghostland novels and Spider-Touched is another fabulous addition to this series. Held prisoner by humans, his angelic memory and power lost because of the sigil-inscribed collar around his neck, Tir dreams of freedom and hungers for vengeance. He’s sworn he’ll never lie with a mortal, but […]

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The Last Plague by G. Page

14 September 2008 Jesse 0

Writing a good review is quite often an easy, fun task. If a book moves you, it’s painless to gush about how deep the characters are, or how the author did a great job researching a given subject. Sometimes however, you don’t connect with a book, and are left holding […]