Outlander: the graphic novel

12 January 2008 Jackie 0

Great news for Diana Gabaldon fans!! It was announced on her website that she is in the process of writing a 192 page graphic novel involving Jamie and Claire. It’s not due to come out until next year, but it’s still exciting news. Plus, there’s already a sketch of what […]

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Passionate Thirst by Cameron Dean

11 January 2008 Jackie 0

I hate lengthy flashbacks in novels. There always seems to be a flashback whenever I least want it. That can definitely be said for Passionate Thirst by Cameron Dean. When I’m reading a novel, I don’t need a whole chapter on how the love interest couple met, especially if the […]

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Elijah by J. Frank

11 January 2008 Jackie 0

The third novel in Jacquelyn Frank’s Nightwalker series, Elijah, proved to be just as good as the first two. This time, however, instead of focusing on the Demon’s society, we’re taken into the workings of the Lycanthropes. Reading this novel reminded me that Frank doesn’t like conversations as much as […]

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11 January 2008 Jackie 1

I thought I would put a list out there of different series that are, in my opinion, good. They may not be the greatest to everyone, but they are an enjoyable read. This is just a list of what I have read, so this list may grow over time. There’s […]

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Iron Kissed by P. Briggs

6 January 2008 Jackie 3

In comparison to the first two novels in the Mercy Thompson series, I’m not sure how I feel about the third novel, Iron Kissed, by Patricia Briggs. In Moon Called and Blood Bound, Mercy is this strong independent woman who doesn’t let the other werewolves or vampires try to dominate […]

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Dead End Dating series by K. Raye

5 January 2008 Jackie 0

This is one of those quirky little series that is quick and fun to read. There’s plenty of humor, a vampire that loves designer clothes, and interesting plot twists that are uncomplicated. I’m not really sure if that’s the word I should use, but this series is a lot of […]

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Magic Study by M. Snyder

4 January 2008 Jackie 0

One thing I have to say about this novel, you can’t start it thinking you’re going to get another Poison Study. Maria Snyder shows some descriptive versatility with Magic Study. In her first novel, we are introduced to the stark and unbending land of Ixia. Now we find ourselves in […]

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Poison Study by M. Snyder

2 January 2008 Jackie 1

I’m having trouble writing this review. I don’t think I’ve ever had this many problems and it’s driving me crazy. I found Poison Study while wandering the book aisle at Meijers and somehow it snagged my attention. It ended up being a really great find. It’s a fantasy novel that […]

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Dead Girls Are Easy by T. Garey

1 January 2008 Jackie 1

I just finished my first book of the year and it was alright. Dead Girls are Easy by Terri Garey wasn’t the best novel I’ve read in awhile, but it did keep me reading. I’m also hesitate to call it a part of the paranormal genre. The idea of voodoo […]

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Living with the Dead by K. Armstrong

1 January 2008 Jackie 0

Received the new Kelley Armstrong newsletter and found something interesting in it.  The ninth novel of the Otherworld series is done.  The working title is Living with the Dead.  I haven’t found out much about it yet; it’s not even listed on her website yet, but I’m going to try […]