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Mainly Interviews & Contests Today

24 July 2009 Jackie 0

I keep seeing these Rogue Angel, Alex Archer novels at the store, but I haven’t heard much about them. As always, I just need to go to SciFiGuy and he has the goods.  I found the cover for the next Alex Archer novel, The Spirit Banner, at his site and […]

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Lotsa of Visuals

22 July 2009 Jackie 5

Check out what Tez Says found. It’s the cover art for Lauren Dane’s Coming Undone (January 5, 2010) and Carrie Ryan’s The Dead-Tossed Waves (March 9, 2010). I’ve heard of a new anthology called Bitten by Cupid that will include Lynsay Sands, Jaime Rush and Pamela Palmer and is slated […]

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The Boy Wants Creamy….This is What You Get

21 July 2009 Jackie 6

Check out the shininess Angie Fox found in her inbox. It’s the cover for the third Demon Slayer novel, A Tale of Two Demon Slayers, which will be out February 2010. Interviews: Jackie Kessler, author of Black and White and the Hell on Earth series, at Bitten by Books If […]

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Richmond Rogues by K. Angell

21 July 2009 Jackie 0

There are times when I just want to read something light and romantic. Those are the times where I go back to my first love – the trashy romance novel. Granted, that’s a loaded term since romance novels are not really trashy, but you always know what you’re going to […]

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Interview: Jerry Gonzales

21 July 2009 Jackie 24

Today, I’m excited to introduce everyone to one of the artists behind the newly released graphic novel, Dusk, Mr. Jerry Gonzales. As a battered wife, Eve’s only concern was to keep her marriage together. But when she is kidnapped into the sordid supernatural world of vampires and foul magic, Eve […]

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MIA Horrors

19 July 2009 Jackie 1

Since I’ve been a neglectful girl and MIA for a couple of days, I’m giving you the news I have today instead of waiting until tomorrow.  So enjoy, although this means I may not have a lot for you tomorrow. :) Check out what I just saw over at Anna’s […]

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Sunday Surprise!

19 July 2009 Jackie 2

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight by Rae Lori Will it be love or death when fairy and vampire come together? An attack on her family drives Ariya to seek protection at the Ashen Twilight House. Once there, she encounters only more danger, along with the dark rescuer who haunts her […]

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The Vampire Academy by R. Mead

19 July 2009 Jackie 18

Richelle Mead has been one of those authors that I’ve been constantly hearing about and have yet to try simple because of my TBR pile.  She’s one of quite a few actually, but since I’m trying to get my TBR stack under control, I’ve been holding off on a lot […]

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Demons Not Included by C. McCray

17 July 2009 Jackie 4

I’m a fan of Cheyenne McCray’s Magic series, so I was excited to see what her first Urban Fantasy novel would be like. Demons Not Included is the first novel in McCray’s Night Tracker series and I see a lot of potential. Meet Nyx. This half-human, half-Drow private eye investigates […]

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No Werewolves?

15 July 2009 Jackie 5

I saw on Facebook yesterday that MaryJanice Davidson is working on the next Queen Betsy novel, which will be called Undead and Unfinished.  That’s all I have though.  My guess is it’ll be out next summer since Undead and Unwelcome just came out (and I still need to read it). […]