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Phantom Universe by L. Kreitzer

10 February 2011 Nikki R 2

I may not have watched Back to the Future, yeah I know how un-American haha, but I do enjoy the idea of time travel.  I’d go meet all the great people I could and watch how things were built and such.  I would LOVE a time machine; it’s every history […]

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Shadowfever Discussion Tonight at 9pm

10 February 2011 Jackie 0

The second Pajama Chat Readers discussion is going to feature Karen Marie Moning’s Shadowfever, which was released on January 18th. This series has been a fantastic ride with each novel ending in cliffhangers, making all of us eagerly awaiting the next one. Now that the series is ended, Larissa from […]

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Torn by K.D. King

9 February 2011 Nikki R 1

I ran across a book, Torn by K.D. King, that’s about humans on other planets in the solar system.  I don’t know about you, but this is one heck of a topic.  The imagination and prep needed to create a story like this is insane….it’s every OCD bookworms dream. Anaria […]

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London Pang & Fennell Winners

9 February 2011 Jackie 2

Before we get to the winners for the Laurie London, Allison Pang and Judi Fennell contests, I just wanted to give everyone a little heads up.  Literary Escapism celebrated 3 years in December and I haven’t really celebrated it yet.  I want to, and I do have something in mind, […]

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Lover Awakened by JR Ward

8 February 2011 Nikki R 7

The reason I fell in love with J.R.Ward – his name is Zadist and the book is Lover Awakened.  It’s #3 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but it was the first book I read of the series…yeah I’m backwards I know.  It was pure accident that I bought this […]

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The Devil’s Drink

7 February 2011 Jackie 1

Caitlin Kittredge has posted the cover for her Subterrean Press novella, The Curse of Four, that is being released this Fall as well as for the next Black London novel, Devil’s Business, releasing August 30th.  This is only one of many fabulous covers that have been popping up. For all […]

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Entangled by G. Hancock

7 February 2011 Nikki R 3

I always hate it when I can’t get through a book; I feel like I’ve let the author down.  But I just couldn’t keep going on this one.  Entangled by Graham Hancock is just not my cup of tea. Entangled is a time-slip novel alternating between present-day California, Brazil, and […]

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Shadowfever Discussion Postponed

7 February 2011 Jackie 0

Due to some technical difficulties, the Shadowfever discussion Saturday night didn’t happen.  However, the bugs have been worked out and the discussion is now going to happen on Thursday, February 10th at 9pm EST. The second Pajama Chat Readers discussion is going to feature Karen Marie Moning’s Shadowfever, which was […]

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Ghosts & Echoes by L. Benedict

6 February 2011 Tricia 3

Ghost & Echoes by Lyn Benedict is a fantastic sequel to Sins & Shadows and addition to the Shadows & Inquiries series! I have to say that judging this novel by its cover, I would never have picked it up – let alone thought I would love it! Sylvie is […]

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Sunday Surprise!

6 February 2011 Jackie 1

The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker #1) “The Innocent Mage is come, and we stand at the beginning of the end of everything.” Being a fisherman like his father isn’t a bad life, but it’s not the one that Asher wants. Despite his humble roots, Asher has grand […]