Tarnished Knight

My Thoughts on a Scattering of Novels (Pt 1)

9 September 2014 Jackie 0

Every so often I tend to get in a super-clean/super-organizing mode, or I’ll get really focus on something and then go all in. I’m kind of doing that now. My drafts folder has been driving me nuts. How many times have we sat down to write a review, get a […]

136 Reasons to Hit the Bookstore In September!

9 September 2014 Jackie 0

Here they are, all the fabulous releases that are occurring in January, and there are quite a few. Is there one you’re eagerly anticipating? Have you already gotten your hands on one? If so, how was it? You can find a list of all future releases at the 2014-2017 Release Dates page. […]

The Blasted Lands by James A. Moore

8 September 2014 Natassia 0

Following the stellar writing of Seven Forges, James A. Moore returns to the same epic world in its follow up, The Blasted Lands. Moore paints a eerily gorgeous landscape which is ripe for mischief and adventure. Delving even deeper than the first installment, Moore tells a multi-layered tale of friend […]


Memory Zero by Keri Arthur

4 September 2014 Nicole 1

I have been looking high and low for a new UF series that fits my need for dark and gritty. It’s hard to find since I feel like I’ve read most of the good ones. I’ve read a few novels by Keri Arthur before and loved them.  However, I couldn’t […]

Guest Author: Naomi Clark

4 September 2014 Jackie 0

I am excited to welcome author Naomi Clark, who is celebrating the release of her new Ethan Banning novel, Undertow. PI Ethan Banning is a desperate man. He’s desperate to rid himself of the demon possessing him. He’s desperate to stop the nightmares and the evil urges it fills him […]

Wickedly Dangerous by Deborah Blake

3 September 2014 Sarah 0

I’m a huge fan of fairy tale and mythos re-imaginings, so a new take on Baba Yaga grabbed my attention right away.  Deborah Blake’s Wickedly Dangerous follows Barbara Yager, one of the three Baba Yagas covering American territory, after she’s been summoned to investigate the mysterious disappearance of young children.  […]

Escapists Uncensored

Escapists Uncensored: Finding New Books

3 September 2014 Casey 0

In which I rant about finding new authors I live dangerously close to the library. I’m not talking dangerous for my health. Oh, no. I mean, I live so close to the library that I go there every single day and check out a metric shit ton of books. I’m […]

Guest Author: JL Murray

2 September 2014 Jackie 0

I am excited to welcome author JL Murray, who is here celebrating the release of her fifth Niki Slobodian novel, The Devil’s Backbone. “What does Death fear?” Niki has been to Hell and back to find a single shred of something to call a life. As Death, she has very little […]