Charming by Krystal Wade

31 October 2014 Courtney 1

I don’t normally read, or enjoy, young adult novels but I’ll make an exception for any kind of fairy tale retelling. I’m glad I gave Charming by Krystal Wade a chance. Charming starts off fast and never slows down. The characters are engaging and the story is appealing. And no, Charming is not your […]

Jaime Rush

#CMC15 Featured Author: Jaime Rush/Tina Wainscott

30 October 2014 Jackie 4

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, then you might have started seeing a lot of #CMC15 tweets. If you haven’t, well guess what, you’re going to see a lot the next time you visit Twitter. Literary Escapism is one of the featured bloggers for Coastal Magic Convention 2015 and we get the […]

Exclusive Excerpt: Halloween in Atlantis by Alyssa Day

30 October 2014 Jackie 2

I am excited to welcome author Alyssa Day, who is celebrating the release of her new Warriors of Poseidon novella, Halloween in Atlantis. Now that Atlantis has finally risen to take its place on the world stage, the Atlantean warriors are having to face some new and interesting dangers — […]


Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh

30 October 2014 Nicole 0

After finishing Archangel’s Legion by Nalini Singh a few months ago, I was eagerly awaiting Archangel’s Shadows because I was dying to know what happens next for Elena, Raphael, et al. While Archangel’s Shadows isn’t nearly as action packed or intense as Archangel’s Legion, I still loved it and immensely enjoyed Janvier’s, aka the Cajun, and […]


Liesmith by Alis Franklin

29 October 2014 Sarah 0

A fascinatingly complex world of gods, monsters, and an IT department (which, arguably, could fit into either category depending on the situation), Liesmith by Alis Franklin captivated my attention and didn’t let go. The unique, albeit somewhat familiar, landscape provided a lovely backdrop for a story of Norse gods come to […]


Night Unbound by Dianne Duvall

28 October 2014 Nikki R 0

Can I just start this out by saying ‘bout damn time? Seriously I’ve been waiting to learn more about Zach, an outsider in the Immortal Guardians series by Dianne Duvall, for far too long. Who is he? WHAT is he? Also, what is his role in this series? I’ve been […]

Interview: Ryan Hill Discusses DEAD NEW WORLD

23 October 2014 Jackie 2

I am excited to welcome author Ryan Hill, who is celebrating the release of his new urban fantasy, Dead New World. Zombies aren’t mindless anymore. Before the world fell into chaos, the undead existed only in the imagination. Now, more of them walk the earth than living. Zombies move about […]