#BlackFriday: Black Friday by Rane Sjodin

6 December 2014 Jackie 4

Black Friday is here and we’re discussing the season with Rane Sjodin’s Cimmerian, Grace, and Wretched Spawn from Red Lady. The oldest living demon drug dealer is trying to take over Las Vegas. His newest creation, Red Lady, allows shifters to see demons as they materialize, which could tip the balance […]

#BlackFriday: Last Chance to Shop by Nina Croft

5 December 2014 Jackie 10

Black Friday is here and we’re discussing the season with Nina Croft’s Saffira Lourdes from Temporal Shift. Caught between destiny and desire… After diving into a black hole in search of the source of Meridian, the key to immortality, the crew of the Blood Hunter finds themselves stranded in an […]

New & Updated Release Dates

4 December 2014 Jackie 0

The 2014-2017 Release Dates page has been updated with quite a few changes. Lots of link & date updates, as well as a few additions; so be sure to check out if there’s been a change with your favorite author. As always, if there’s something I’m missing, please don’t hesitate […]

#BlackFriday: Dashing Through the Snow by Marina Myles

4 December 2014 Jackie 12

Black Friday is here and we’re discussing the season with Marina Myles’s Karina Petri from Christmas At Thorncliff Towers. The Werewolf’s Servant Thorncliff Towers is done up for Christmas, secure against wind and wolves. But Karina Petri is shut out, too, and the gypsy witch wants what’s inside. She envies […]

Escapists Uncensored

Escapists Uncensored: A Fabulous Group of Michigan Bloggers

3 December 2014 Jackie 0

I’ve recently joined up with a strong Michigan Bloggers group and I wanted to give a shout out to all of them. It’s an eclectic group, covering a wide range of topics, where we get together to chat about the latest trends, help small and local business, and simply help each other out. If […]

#BlackFriday: Black Fridays Bite by Mandy Roth

3 December 2014 Jackie 16

Black Friday is here and we’re discussing the season with Mandy Roth’s Finn Mackay (a short piece of fiction to go along with Hunted Holiday: A Vampire Romance now on sale!). Dani Malloye hates the holidays, and with good reason. Though her best friend tries to force the Christmas spirit […]

2015 Advertising Availability + Statistical Tracking Update

2 December 2014 Jackie 1

Looking for different ways to get exposure for your book? Literary Escapism offers multiple advertising placements for a static image – 300x250px ($75) and 140x250px ($50) – placed at the top of the sidebar (in the ordered purchased). This means your book would show up on every page view for an entire month! For more information, contact […]

#BlackFriday: A New Experience For Reggie by Isabel Cooper

1 December 2014 Jackie 17

Black Friday is here and we’re discussing the season with Isabel Cooper’s Reggie Talbot-Jones from The Highland Dragon’s Lady. He’s Out of the Highlands and on the Prowl… Regina Talbot-Jones has always known her rambling family home was haunted. She’s also aware her brother has invited one of his friends […]