Coral-600 by Roxy Mews

27 February 2015 Sarah 0

Curiosity is a great way to get me to pick up a book.  Promise me that there will be robosex in said book?  Ok, now I’m intrigued.  Coral-600 by Roxy Mews is a fascinating look at what it means to be (or to not be) human.  Now, I’m not going […]

Interview: Megan Morgan

27 February 2015 Jackie 0

I am excited to welcome author Megan Morgan, who is releasing her first Siren Song novel, The Wicked City, on Tuesday! Whatever June Coffin says, goes—literally. And it’s not just because she’s a chain smoking rebel. As a Siren, June has the ability to force people to obey any command […]

Interview: Nina Crespo

26 February 2015 Jackie 0

I am excited to welcome author Nina Crespo, who is releasing her first The Song novel, Thane’s Redemption, on Tuesday! The one night she’ll want to remember, she’ll be forced to forget. It’s been almost a year since Celine’s fiancé’s death and she’s still struggling to move on. But when […]

The Dresden Files: War Cry by Jim Butcher

25 February 2015 Natassia 0

The very popular Dresden series expands with the comic The Dresden Files: War Cry. Jim Butcher brings the intricacies of his world to beautifully illustrated panels. Fast paced, this is just the fix for Butcher fans. A war is raging between the vampire forces of the Red Court and the […]

Interview: Jennifer Ashley

17 February 2015 Jackie 1

I am excited to welcome author Jennifer Ashley, Bear Attraction. Rebecca, caught by Shifter Bureau in a forbidden area, is charged to help Walker Danielson, on military attachment to the Bureau, to find a woman suspected of being abducted by Shifters. Rebecca has no choice but to agree. Walker and […]

Revenant by Larissa Ione

13 February 2015 Casey 1

One of my favorite series of all time is the Demonica series by Larissa Ione. I love, love, love it! Sexy demons, evil angels, crazy hot sex, and some of the most violent fight scenes I’ve ever read – what’s not to love? The last (for now) book in the […]

Edged Blade by J.C. Daniels

9 February 2015 Sarah 1

The fourth installment in J.C. Daniels’ Colbana Files, Edged Blade, finds Kit Colbana still reeling from prior events and working towards rebuilding her life. The sexual tension between her and Damon is palpable, but Kit has so much pain to work through before she can let Damon love her again. The […]

Player’s Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons) [5th Edition]

6 February 2015 Jesse 0

At this point there are probably hundreds of reviews of the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook. Since every OSR zealot and grognard has already posted their thoughts on their blogs, it’s doubtful I could say anything unique.  My goal isn’t to provide yet another boring review; my goal is […]

Let the Wild Out by Madelyn Porter

5 February 2015 Casey 0

I have pages and pages of unread books on my Kindle, and every once in a while, I’ll go through them to find something new to read. (I should probably do that instead of just buying more books, but that’s a rant for another time.  *grin*) Anyway, I found Let […]

Interview: Lynda K. Scott

5 February 2015 Jackie 0

I am excited to welcome Lynda K. Scott, who is celebrating the release of her new novel, Riding the Odds. An act of desperation and the beginning of seduction… Spaceship captain Tara Rowan has her secrets. One is her Rider, Zie—an organic symbiote, like a living tattoo—that enhances Tara’s physical […]