#Interview: Grace Draven & Phoenix Unbound

19 September 2018 Jackie 0

I am excited to welcome author Grace Draven, who will be celebrating the release of her first Fallen Empire novel, Phoenix Unbound, on September 25th. Have you always had an idea as to where the series/novel is going? Do you know where it is going or is the storyline evolving […]

#Interview: Edward Willett & Worldshaper

12 September 2018 Jackie 0

I am excited to welcome author Edward Willett, who is getting ready to celebrate the release of Worldshaper. From an Aurora Award-winning author comes the first book in a new portal fantasy series in which one woman’s powers open the way to a labyrinth of new dimensions. For Shawna Keys, […]

Quick Thoughts On A Few Fabulous Novels

10 September 2018 Jackie 0

While going through my draft folder, I came across a few reviews that I started with a few thoughts, or saved a few tweets, and not much else. Now I could go back, re-read the book and write a proper review, but let’s be honest, it’s not happening. I currently […]

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You Didn’t Like It? I Want To Know Why.

7 September 2018 Jackie 0

I was going through my draft folder and found this. I’ve been debating on whether I should post it or not. The reason, or the drama which prompted me to write it, has long passed us by; but the idea behind it is still something I believe in. People can […]

#Interview: Sara Hanover & The Late Great Wizard

5 September 2018 Jackie 0

I am excited to welcome author Sara Hanover, who is getting ready for the her debut release of her first Wayward Mages novel, The Late Great Wizard. A young woman must work with a magician who is not what he seems to find her father in this new contemporary portal […]

Maid Sama! by Hiro Fujiwara

3 September 2018 Jackie 0

As one of my Hulu recommendations, I have to say Maid Sama! by Hiro Fujiwara really hooked me. It was just what I was looking for – a quirky #comedic #romance that was light and engaging. I made the mistake of watching the first episode at 11pm, because the next […]