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Updated: 4/21/12

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Collaborative Sites

Name Genre Website Social Networks
Alien Romances SciFi Romance
Biting Edge, the Paranormal
Boys, Books and Buzz Young Adult
Bradford Bunch Paranormal
Casablanca Romance Romance
Chatelaines, the Romance
Dark Central Station Paranormal
Deadline Dames Paranormal
D├ębutante Ball, the Romance
Divas of the Dark Paranormal
Enchanted Inkpot Young Adult; MG Fantasy
Fangs, Fur & Fey Paranormal
Femme Fatales Paranormal
Fictionistas Young Adult
First Offenders Thriller; Mystery
Genreality Various
Killer Fiction Romance; Mystery
Knight Agency, the Various
League of Reluctant Adults Paranormal
Lipstick Chronicles, the Mystery; Thriller
Mage District Fantasy
Magic and Mayhem Paranormal
Maliche Entertainment Fiction
Midnight Hour, the Paranormal
Murder She Writes Mystery
Murderati Thriller; Mystery
Naughty Girls Next Door, the Paranormal, Futuristic & Contemporary Romance
Nocturne's Author Blog Paranormal
Oddshots Paranormal
Rebels of Romance Romance
Risky Regencies Historicals
Romance Bandits Romance
Shape Shifter Romance Paranormal
Silk and Shadows Paranormal
Something Wicked Paranormal
Supernatural Underground Paranormal; Urban Fantasy
Teen Fiction Cafe Young Adult
Teeners Young Adult
Texting Between the Sheets Romance
The Outfit Thriller
Unusual Historicals Historicals
Writers Gone Wild Romance
Young Adult Paranormal Authors Fantasy


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Abe, Shana Fantasy

Acevedo, Mario Urban Fantasy
Acosta, Marta Para-Romance
Adair, Cherry Mystery

Adrian, Lara Para-Romance
Aguirre, Anna SciFi; Urban Fantasy
Allred, Katherine Romance

Alt, Madelyn Para-Romance
Alvarez, Annie Erotica, Lesbian, Paranormal, Vampires
Anderson, Maura Para-Romance
Anderson, R.J.
Andrews, Donna Mystery
Andrews, Ilona Urban Fantasy
Anna, Vivi
Armintrout, Jennifer Urban Fantasy
Armstrong, Kelley Urban Fantasy
Arthur, Keri Urban Fantasy
Asaro, Catherine Sci-Fi
Ashley, Amanda Romance

Ashley, Jennifer Para-Romance
Asimov, Isaac Sci-Fi

Austin, Kate Para-Romance


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Bacus, Kathleen Comedy

Baker, Gail Konop Nonfiction
Ball, Donna Mystery

Bangs, Nina Para-Romance
Banks, L.A. Urban Fantasy
Baratz-Logsted, Lauren Young Adult
Bardsley, Michele Para-Romance
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Barnett, Jill Romance
Bartlett, Gerry Para-Romance
Bast, Anya Urban Fantasy
Battis, Jes Para-Romance
Baxter. Alan Horror

Beaumont, Alan Fantasy

Benson, Amber Urban Fantasy
Berg, Elizabeth Fiction
Berkley, Maggie Paranormal Romance!/maggieberkley
Berman, Steve
Bishop, Anne Fantasy

Black, Holly Fantasy
Black, Jasmine Erotic Romance
Black, Jenna Urban Fantasy
Black, Lelani Erotic Romance

Blair, Annette Para-Romance
Blair, Sandy Romance

Blaise, Brit Romance

Blume, Judy Young Adult
Bodwell, Teresa Romance

Boyd, Donna Para-Romance

Bradley, Shelley Romance
Breaux, Kevin James Urban Fantasy; Horror;
Brennan, Marie Fantasy
Breton, Laurie Romance

Brewer, Heather Para-Romance
Briggs, Patricia Urban Fantasy
Brockman, Suzanne Para-Romance

Brook, Meljean Urban Fantasy
Brown, Douglas Arthur Contemporary

Buckell, Tobias Sci-Fi
Bujold, Lois McMaster Sci-Fi; Fantasy

Burton, Jaci Para-Romance
Butcher, Jim Urban Fantasy
Butcher, Shannon Fantasy

Byrd, Rhyannon Para-Romance


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Cabot, Meg Romance; Young Adult
Cain, Chelsea Mystery

Cain, Lill Erotic Romance Http://
Caine, Rachel Urban Fantasy; Young Adult
Callender, Kristin Fiction
Cameron, Dana Mystery
Campbell, Anna Romance

Campbell, Drusilla Fiction

Campbell, William Sci-Fi

Carlyle, Liz Romance

Cassidy, Dakota Para-Romance
Cast, PC Para-Young Adult
Castle, Kendra Leigh Para-Romance

Chance, Karen Urban Fantasy

Chase, Loretta Fiction

Chavez, Ronald Literary Fiction

Christian, Lisa Romance

Ciotta, Beth Romance
Clark, Terri
Clement, Cynthia Romance

Clifton, Steven Urban Fantasy

Cohen, Julie Romance
Cohen, Tish Romance
Cole, Kresley Para-Romance
Colter, Sarah Levin

Cook, Eileen Romance

Cook, Kristina Romance

Corso, DC Mystery
Crane, Carolyn Urban Fantasy
Crewe, Megan
Crosby, Elaine

Crusie, Jenny Romance

Cruz, Melissa de la Young Adult

Cummings, Sean Urban Fantasy


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
D'Amario, Teresa Romance
Daily, Lisa Romance
Dane, Lauren Romance
Daniels, Casey Urban Fantasy
Dante, Kathleen
Darling, Lisa Beth Dark Erotic Paranormal Romance
David, Anna Romance
Davidson, MaryJanice Para-Romance
Day, Allysa Para-Romance
Day, S.J. Urban Fantasy
Day, Sylvia Fantasy
DeGioia, JoMarie Historical

del Franco, Mark Urban Fantasy
Delaney, Gail Romance

Dennis, Leslie Ann Romance

Devereaux, V. J. Erotic Romance
Devin, Delilah Romance
Devoti, Lori Romance

DeWylde, Saranna Romance
Dodd, Christina Romance
Dolan, Kate Romance

Douglas, Carole Nelson Para-Romance

Douglas, Kate Romance

Douglas, Valerie Fantasy; Romance
Dove, Maggie

Doyle, Debra Sci-Fi

Drake, Ella SF/Para Romance
Drake, Jocelynn Urban Fantasy
Drewry, Laura Romance


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Eden, Cynthia Para-Romance
Egan, Doris Sci-Fi
Elias, Amelia Paranormal

Elliot, David P Fiction, Supernatural, Thriller
Elrod, P.N. Fantasy

Estep, Jennifer Para-Romance
Etherington, Wendy Romance
Evanovich, Janet Mystery


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Feehan, Christine Para-Romance

Fetzer, Amy J. Romance

Fields, Anna Memoir
Fitzpatrick Romance

Foley, Gaelen Romance

Foster, Eugie

Foster, Lori Romance

Fox, Angie Para-Romance
Fox, Cathryn Para-Romance
Francis, Diana Pharaoh Fantasy
Frank, Jacquelyn Para-Romance
Frost, Jeaniene Urban Fantasy
Frost, Kimberly Urban Fantasy


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Gabaldon, Diana Historic Fiction
Galenorn, Yasmine Urban Fantasy
Gardiner, Jenny Romance
Garey, Terri Para-Romance
Gay, Kelly Urban Fantasy
Gibson, Jayel Fantasy
Gill, David Macinnis

Gleason, Colleen Urban Fantasy
Golden, Christopher

Grant, Susan
Gray, R. Garland

Green, Crystal Para-Romance
Green, Simon R Fantasy

Gregory, Philippa Historic Fiction

Grubb, Jeff Fantasy
Guest, Elizabeth
Gustainis, Justin Urban Fantasy


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Haddock, Nancy Para-Romance

Hale, Beverly A.
Hall, Linnea Paranormal Fantasy
Hall, Paula fiction

Hallaway, Tate Para-Romance
Hamilton, Laurell K. Urban Fantasy; Erotica
Handeland, Lori Para-Romance
Harper, Molly Romance
Harris, Charlaine Para-Romance
Harrison, Kim Urban Fantasy
Hart, Arianna Romance
Hart, Raven
Harvey-Fitzhenry, Alyxandra
Havens, Candace Para-Romance
Hayes, Erica UF
Heiber, Leanna Renee Historic UF

Hendrix, Lisa Para-Romance
Hennigan, Bruce Urban Fantasy
Henry, Mark Urban Fantasy
Herman, Julie Wray Mystery

Hetley, James

Hickman, Tracy Fantasy

Hilburn, Lynda Para-Romance
Hill, Joey W. Para-Romance
Hill, Kate

Hill, Lea YA Fantasy
Hines, Jim C Fantasy

Holder, Nancy Fantasy
Holle, Krista Paranormal Romance
Holliday, Alesia Romance
Holling, Jen Romance

Holly, Emma Fantasy

Holzner, Nancy UF
Hope, Anne Romance

Hope, India Frances True Life
Hornby, Nick Young Adult

Hosseini, Khaled Fiction
Howell, Hannah Romance
Huff, Tanya Urban Fantasy

Hughes, Charlotte Romance
Humphreys, Sara Taney Para-Romance
Hunter, Faith Urban Fantasy; Paranormal Romance
Husk, Shona Para-Romance


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Ione, Larissa Para-Romance
Ivie, Jackie Romance

Ivy, Alexandra Para-Romance


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Jackson, Myla Romance
James, Allyson Para-Romance
Jaxon, Stephanie erotica

Johnson, Jean Fantasy

Johnson, Sophia Romance

Johnston, Joan Romance

Jones, Amy Paranormal Romance
Jones, Lisa Renee Romance
Jordan, Penny Romance


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Kane, Stacia Urban Fantasy
Kantra, Virginia Para-Romance

Karp, Catherine Fantasy
Kean, Catherine Medieval Romance

Kearney, Susan
Kelley, Christie Romance

Kelner, Toni L. Mystery

Kendall, Tambra Erotic Romance
Kenner, Julie Para-Romance
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Para-Romance
Kery, Beth Contemporary Romance

Kessler, Jackie Para-Romance
Kiernan, Kristy Romance

Kilbourne, Maxx American-Urban
King, Mia Romance
King, Stephen Horror
Kittredge, Caitlin Urban Fantasy
Kleypas, Lisa Romance

Knight, Angela Para-Romance
Knight, Deidre Romance
Knox, Kim SF Romance
Koontz, Dean Mystery

Krentz, Jayne Mystery

Krinard, Susan
Kulig, Kathy Para-Romance, Erotica
Kurland, Lynn Historical; Paranormal


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Labud, Pamela Romance

Lackey, Mercedes Fantasy

Lauren, Michelle Paranormal & Futuristic Romance
Laurenston, Shelly Para-Romance

Laurey, Rosemary Para-Romance

Laurie, Victoria Para-Romance
Lawrence, Martha

Lee, Emery Historical Romance

Lee, Jessica Erotic Romance
Lee, Sharon Sci-Fi; Rom

Leigh, Lora Romance
Levitt, John
Levy, Robert Joseph

Lewis, JF Urban Fantasy
Lima, Maria Urban Fantasy

Linden, Caroline Romance

Liu, Marjorie Para-Romance
Lofty, Carrie Romance
Logen, Melany
London, Laurie Paranormal romance
Long, Kathleen Romance

Lopez, Melissa
Lori, Rae Para-Romance
Love, Kathy Paranormal

Lowder, James Fantasy

Lowell, Elizabeth Romance
Lowrie, Simon Erotic Romance

Lundy-Frommer Paranormal Romance
Lynn, Sandy Romance


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
MacAlister, Katie Para-Romance
MacInerney, Karen Urban Fantasy
Mackenzie, Sally Romance

Maclaine, Jenna Mystery

Mahoney, Karen Young Adult
Mancusi, Marianne Romance
Mann, Marilu Para-Romance

Mantchey, Lisa Fantasy http://www.lisamantchevcom/

Maquire, Gregory Fantasy
March, Eliza Erotic Romance
Mariotte, Jeff Fiction
Marks, Daniel YA

Marr, Melissa Para-Romance
Marrone, Amanda Romance

Marsh, Kate Para-Romance

Martin, Joe Donn Modern West/Horror
Masters, Cate Romance
Matichei, Annalinde Fantasy, Science Fiction!/AnnalindeMati
Maverick, Liz Para-Romance
Maya, Tara Fantasy; Science Fiction
Mayer, Miranda Fantasy, Fiction
McCarthy, Erin Para-Romance
McCleod, Suzanne Romance

McCray, Cheyenne Para-Romance; Erotica
McDonald, James Sci-Fi

McKelden, Shannon Chick Lit
McKinley, Robin Fantasy
McKnight, Jenna Romance
McMahon, Jennifer Mystery

Mead, Richelle Para-Romance
Medeiros, Teresa Para-Romance
Meding, Kelly Urban Fantasy
Meyer, Stephenie Young Adult
Michaels, Kasey Romance
Michelle, Patrice Romance
Midnight, Liddy Romance
Miller, Linda Lael Romance
Miller, Steve Sci-Fi; Rom

Millhiser, Marlys Mystery

Mitchell, Saundra Romance
Moning, Karen Marie Para-Romance
Monk, Devon Para-Romance
Morgan, Alexis Paranormal
Mullany, Janet Chick Lit

Munro, Shelley Para-Romance
Murphy, C.E. Urban Fantasy

Musk, Justine Romance
Mykles, Jet Romance
Myles, Jill Romance


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Nash, Joy Para-Romance
Neri, Kris Mystery

Neill, Chloe Urban Fantasy


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
O'Shea, Patti Para-Romance
Ortolon, Julie Romance
Owens, Robin Sci-Fi
O'Hara, Tracey UF


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Painter, Kristen Para-Romance
Palmer, Diana Romance

Palmer, Pamela PNR
Paolini, Christopher Fantasy

Parker, Dorothy Philosophy

Parry, Robert Historical Fiction
Patterson, James Mystery
Peeler, Nicole Urban Fantasy
Pellicane, Patricia Erotic Romance

Perez, Marlene Romance

Peterfreund, Diana Romance
Pettersson, Vicki Urban Fantasy
Phillips, Christina Romance
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Romance
Phoenix, Adrian Urban Fantasy
Pickard, Nancy Mystery
Picoult, Jodi Fiction
Plank, Tonya Contemporary Fiction, Chick Lit
Plum, Barbara Romance

Pratt, Tim Fantasy
Price, Kalayna Urban Fantasy
Price, Stella and Audra Paranormal Romance
Priest, Cherie Urban Fantasy


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Quick, Amanda Romance

Quinn, Julia Romance


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Rago, Denise Paranormal Romance
Ramin, Terey Daly Para-Romance
Rardin, Jennifer Urban Fantasy

Rathbone, Brian Fantasy
Raye, Kimerbly Para-Romance
Reed, Paula Romance
Reisz, Kristopher
Renae, Cameo YA Paranormal
Rice, Anne Horror

Richardson, Kat Urban Fantasy
Riley, Jess Romance
Robb, J.D. Mystery

Roberts, Lynne Erotic Romance
Roberts, Nora Romance

Roberts, Wendy Mystery
Roder, Victoria Romance; Thriller

Rogers, Moira Paranormal Romance
Roquelaure, A. N. Fantasy

Roth, Mandy Para-Romance
Rothwell, Kate Romance
Rowan, Cate Romance

Rowe, Stephanie Para-Romance
Rowen, Michelle Para-Romance
Rowland, Diana Urban Fantasy
Rowlings, J.K. Young Adult

Rush, Jaime Para-Romance
Russe, Savannah Urban Fantasy

Ryan, Carrie


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Sadler, Robert Urban Fantasy

Saintcrow, Lilith Urban Fantasy
Salvatore, R.A. Fantasy
Sands, Lynsay Para-Romance
Santiago, Isabelle Romance (contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy)
Santos, Marisa de los Chick Lit

Saums, Mary Mystery

Savage, Lacey Romance

Saxton, Mike Science Fiction!/7ScorpionsBook
Schreiber, Ellen Para-Romance
Schwartz, Jenny Para-Romance
Scott, Paisley Romance
Sedia, Ekaterina
Sharp, Kathleen Non-Fiction!/KSharpAuthor
Shayne, Maggie Para-Romance
Shockey, Alishia Horror
Showalter, Gena Para-Romance
Silver, Eve Romance

Simner, Janni Lee Fantasy

Sinclair, Cherise Erotic romance - BDSM

Singh, Nalini Urban Fantasy
Smith-Ready, Jeri Urban Fantasy
Smith, Kathryn Para-Romance

Snyder, Maria Fantasy

Sparks, Kerrelyn Para-Romance

Spear, Terry Para-Romance
Squires, Susan

St. Giles, Jennifer Para-Romance
Stein, Jeanne C. Urban Fantasy
Stephens, Jude Paranormal Erotica

Stephenson, Neal Futuristic

Stiefvater, Maggie Para-Romance
Stoikov, Ivan - Allan Bard fantasy, sci-fy
Strong, Jory Para-Romance
Strout, Anton Urban Fantasy
Stuart, Anne

Summers, Jordan

Sunny Urban Fantasy

Swendson, Shanna Para-Romance
Szereto, Mitzi Paranormal, Multi-genre and Erotic Fiction!/mitziszereto


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Taylor, Helen Scott Paranormal Romance

Taylor, Vickie
Templeton, Julia Romance
Thurman, Rob Horror
Trapp, Jessica Romance
Trent, Tiffany
Trularin Science Fiction
Tuck, James R. Dark Urban Fantasy!/JamesTuckwriter
Tuhart, Marie Erotic Romance
Tupper, Amy Paranormal Fantasy


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Not Available
Are you an author with a last name that starts with a U...if so, email me and I'll add your site here.


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Vaughn, Carrie Urban Fantasy
Viehl, Lynn Urban Fantasy
Viets, Elaine

Vincent, Rachel Urban Fantasy


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Walker, Shiloh Romance
Ward, J.R. Urban Fantasy
Warren, Christine Urban Fantasy

Warren, J.T. Paranormal
Webber, Minda Fantasy

Wedel, Steven E.
Weis, Margaret Fantasy

Wells, Jaye Para-Romance
Wheaton, Wil Fiction

White, Sasha Romance; Erotica
Wilder, Andrea Romance
Wilkens, Mik Fantasy; SF;
Wilks, Eileen Urban Fantasy

Williams, Elysabeth Steampunk, Fantasy, Romance
Wisdom, Linda Para-Romance
Wyndfield, Leigh Romance


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Not Available
Are you an author with a last name that starts with a X...if so, email me and I'll add your site here.


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
York, Rebecca Romance
Younge-Ullman, Danielle Romance


Author Genre Website Blogs / Discussion Boards Social Networks
Zahara, Brigit Erotica; Paranormal

Zoltack, Nicole Fantasy Romance