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Sebastian by A. Bishop

22 June 2008 Jackie 2

After reading Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy, I wanted more and I found the Ephemera series. The series starts with Sebastian and I’m finding myself enjoying this novel, yet I’m seeing some similarities with the Black Jewels trilogy. We’re introduced to the world of Ephemera by way of Sebastian, an […]

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Dreams Made Flesh by A. Bishop

1 June 2008 Jackie 5

After reading Anne Bishops Black Jewels trilogy, and loving it, I went looking for more. The next novel in the series is Dreams Made Flesh and it’s actually made up of four different stories. This novel could stand on its own, but it does make references to the first two […]

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Queen of the Darkness by A. Bishop

25 April 2008 Jackie 1

I’ve finished the final novel, Queen of the Darkness, in Anne Bishops’ Black Jewels trilogy and all I can say is wow. My face was just streaked with tears over the ending and I was riveted to the plot line as it zoomed to its ending. The individual personalties of […]

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Heir to the Shadows by A. Bishop

23 April 2008 Jackie 1

Oh my god! I have a 14 month old son and I just finished a 482 in one day. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I could not put this novel down. Heir to the Shadows, the second novel in Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy, was amazing. There wasn’t […]

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Daughter of the Blood by A. Bishop

22 April 2008 Jackie 2

So I’m starting Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy and so far I am hooked. The first novel, Daughter of the Blood begins developing all of the characters and they are fantastic. We have the classic good vs. evil characters, but their individual personalities are so different, yet share some common […]