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White Flames by C. Tan

1 December 2008 Jackie 3

In this new collection of short stories, White Flames by Cecilia Tan brings various different realms to life all while showing the ranging possibilities that occur in the human erotic imagination.  There are 21 stories within 6 different categories – Flares, Modern Love, Mythic, Disconnect, Queer as Folk, and Technophile.  […]

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Undercover by L. Dane

5 November 2008 Jackie 2

Lauren Dane is one of those author I’ve just recently found and I have to say that she is definitely grabbing my attention. I was lucky enough to win an advance readers copy of her new novel, Undercover, which comes out December 2nd, and it kept my attention throughout the […]

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What Happens in Vegas (Anthology)

11 June 2008 Jackie 0

What Happens in Vegas is a collection of novellas from authors Jodi Lynn Copeland, Lauren Dane, Kit Tunstall, Anya Bast. All four stories take place at Las Vegas’s Liege Hotel and Casino and take on different aspects of Sin City. Hot For You by Jodi Lynn Copeland From the publisher: […]

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Magical Seduction (Anthology)

10 June 2008 Jackie 0

Magical Seduction is an anthology involving novellas from Cathryn Fox, Mandy Roth, and Anya Bast. Published by Ellora’s Cave, it’s a given that it’s going to be a romance with a little eroticism thrown in. At least that’s the impression I continuously received whenever I hear anyone talk about the […]

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Blood Noir by LK Hamilton

28 May 2008 Jackie 5

One of my favorite authors, Laurell K Hamilton’s newest novel, Blood Noir, is out and it focuses on a favorite character of mine. Personally, I think it’s about time that we get to learn more about Jason, but I think we ended up learning more than we wanted to. A […]

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What I Would Recommend

26 May 2008 Jackie 16

Whatever your tastes, I could probably give you a good recommendation. For instance, if you’re into the whole erotica paranormal genre, then you should probably check out Cheyenne McCray’s Magic series (Forbidden Magic). For the historical fiction people, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series (Outlander) is completely breathtaking (I actually can’t wait […]

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Seduced by Magic by C. McCray

4 February 2008 Jackie 1

Seduced by Magic is the second novel in Cheyenne McCray’s magic series and was just as good as the first one. The plot moved at an acceptable pace, the erotica wasn’t over the top, and we were introduced to more members of the Fae. Overall, this was another good find, […]

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Forbidden Magic by C. McCray

22 January 2008 Jackie 0

“Forbidden Magic is Charmed meets Kim Harrison’s witch series, but with a heavy dose of erotica on top!” – Lyndsay Sands The quote says it all. Forbidden Magic by Cheyenne McCray is a great read. The main heroine definitely reminded me of Pheobe (from Charmed) and Rachel Morgan (Kim Harrison) […]

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11 January 2008 Jackie 1

I thought I would put a list out there of different series that are, in my opinion, good. They may not be the greatest to everyone, but they are an enjoyable read. This is just a list of what I have read, so this list may grow over time. There’s […]

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Narcissus in Chains, Cerulean Sins and Incubus Dreams by L.K. Hamilton

16 May 2006 Jackie 0

Narcissus in Chains, Cerulean Sins and Incubus Dreams share one common thread….sex. While sex has always been a prevailing theme throughout the series (who is Anita sleeping with now?), it becomes a part of the plot device when Jean-Claude’s incubus origins are transferred to Anita through their marks.

While I could go into the plot, and give a summary of what the bad guys want and what the action entails, I won’t because the plot only touches on the underlying theme of sex that Hamilton begins to include in her books. Plus, you should read it. If I give you the main plot devices and tell you what goes on, where will you get the motivation to read it?