Garden of Dreams and Desires by Kristen Painter

15 July 2015 Natassia 0

The Crescent City trilogy comes to a close in Garden of Dreams and Desires by Kristen Painter. Though it lacked the finality one would expect from a closing novel, it was an entertaining ride. Painter brings the charm and amusement that she has become known for with her own dash […]

City of Eternal Night by Kristen Painter (Crescent City #2)

4 March 2015 Natassia 0

The entertaining Crescent City series takes a fun turn in Kristen Painter’s second installment, City of Eternal Night. With the colorful setting of New Orleans, we dive head first into the thrilling adventures of Harlow and Augustine. Romance and action are balanced with intrigue to create a nice light read. Mardi […]

#CMC15 Featured Author: Kristen Painter

14 December 2014 Jackie 0

Literary Escapism is one of the featured bloggers for Coastal Magic Convention 2015 and we get the extreme pleasure of showcasing some of the fabulous authors you’ll get to meet if you join LE in Daytona Beach next week. I’m running a little behind with my last #CMC15 feature, which happens to be the ever […]

House of the Rising Sun by Kristen Painter

7 July 2014 Natassia 0

Urban Fantasy gets an epic new entry with Kristen Painter’s new Crescent City series. The first installment of this multi-layered tale is House of the Rising Sun. As someone who had not particularly liked Painter’s House of Commare series, I was pleasantly surprised to really enjoy this story. With a […]

KPainter-Out of Blood

Out for Blood by Kristen Painter

25 January 2013 Natassia 1

Kristen Painter has created an addictive world which feels like an urban fantasy in a future setting and she continues her House of Comarre series continues with its fourth installment Out for Blood. Like many popular urban fantasy series, Painter takes familiar supernatural aspects and creates a world revolving around characters […]