Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff

19 December 2012 Natassia 0

Jay Kristoff brings steampunk to feudal Japan in a way that is truly groundbreaking with Stormdancer. Even though the story’s locale is different, it’s not Victorian London or Civil War era US, it is Kristoff’s understanding of steampunk that takes this book from an interesting read to a stellar gamechanger. […]


The Twelve by Justin Cronin

18 December 2012 Natassia 2

As a big fan of the post-apocalypse genre and the first novel in Justin Cronin’s epic trilogy of a post-apocalyptic United States., I was reserved in my eagerness for The Twelve. What I found was a book which only expands upon the magnificent wasteland Cronin has created; full of adventure and […]

The Inexplicables by Cherie Priest

16 December 2012 Natassia 0

The Clockwork Century Series by Cherie Priest is one of my absolute favorite steampunk series, so it was no surprise that I rushed out to the bookstore to pick up the fifth book, The Inexplicables. Cherie Priest does not disappoint and returns to her incredible alternate world, starting with a […]