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Undercover Lover by Charlene Teglia

29 March 2011 Jackie 0

I was looking for some romance and decided to finally give Teglia’s Undercover Lover a try since I recently picked it up for free from Amazon. It was a good thing I wanted something quick and easy because that’s exactly what I got. When Anne Parker yanks open her front […]

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Hot for the Holidays (Anthology)

9 March 2011 Jackie 0

After reading Anya Basts’s Wicked Enchantment, I felt like a couple of the characters had already had their story told (aka Bella and Ronan). Come to find out, I was right – Sweet Enchantment is the prequel story to the Dark Magick universe and it was released as part of […]

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A Rush of Wings by A. Phoenix

19 April 2010 Tricia 0

From the very first page, A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix had me hooked. I really thought it was going to blow me away in the end but while I thought it was good, I was disappointed a bit because it started super good and just meh by the […]

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Darkness Unleashed by A. Ivy

9 January 2010 Jackie 7

I cannot believe I haven’t posted a review for Darkness Unleashed by Alexandra Ivy. For being the fifth novel in a series, and not having a chance to read the rest of the series, I have to say I never felt like I was missing anything. It was great! A […]

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Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh

1 February 2009 Jackie 9

Angels and vampires…they don’t fight each other, in fact they are on the same side. Seriously, have you ever heard of that? That’s the premise for Nalini Singh’s new Guild Hunter series and the first novel, Angels’ Blood, is phenomenal. Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux knows she’s the best—but she doesn’t […]

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Hotter than Hell (Anthology)

14 August 2008 Jackie 0

Hotter than Hell is an anthology including some of today’s great paranormal authors. We’re introduced to everything from Greek sirens to demons to vampires. We get to meet some old friends as well as meet some new ones. Hotter Than Hell is a good anthology for anyone looking to try […]