Advertising Opportunities

As of January 1, 2011, Literary Escapism began offering spaces for paid advertisements. While I would love to be able to talk about every author out there, that’s just not possible to do on my own. To help spread the word, LE’s ad campaign can be purchased and reserved by calendar month or as stipulated. Ad placements can be reserved up to three months in advance, scheduling is based on availability, and are placed in the order they are purchased. Once a placement is confirmed, the ad price is locked for the duration of the campaign. LE’s two ad campaigns are as follows:

PromoLE       Promo.04.140x250

300x250px – located in the sidebar for $75 per month.
140x250px – located in the sidebar for $50 per month.

Right now, those are the two sizes I’m currently offering. If anyone would like to purchase a larger space in the sidebar, email me and we can negotiated a price.

Social Media stats:

In 2014, LE is averaged the following each month AWStats:
Unique visitors: 12,476 Number of visits: 43,961 (3.51 visits/visitor)
Pages: 277,463 (6.43 Pages/Visit)
Hits: 431,294 (10.12 Hits/Visit)

Terms of Service:

  • Ad campaigns can be scheduled for up to two months at a time and must be paid in full before the campaign is active.
  • Ads placed on LE are static images and will show up on every page view.
  • LE supports Standard Animated Images (jpg, gif, and png). Images should be properly formatted to the predefined size requirements listed above.
  • Please note, all campaigns are NON-Refundable once the ad goes live on the first of the month.
  • Advertising pricing and terms can change at anytime without notice.

For more information:

Please do not hesitate to contact Jackie at jackie

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are some of the questions I’ve received and thought to include here for easy reference.

Is there any way to be sure that my ad is relatively high on the sidebar?
Ad spots are placed in the order they are purchased.

Any suggestions on what kind of graphic works best?
I like .jpg since they’re easy, but I’ve had .gifs on the site as well. The only thing that wouldn’t work well are scripts and flash and that’s only because scripts are a little funny for some reason. Some work, some don’t, and we haven’t figure out why yet.

Do you include a link to Amazon in the image or the author’s website?
I will link to whatever link I am given. If no link is included with the image, then I will include a link to the book’s amazon product page.

Can/do you also create/design the graphic?
For an additional cost of $25, I will create and design a .jpg graphic to be used on Literary Escapism. The author must provide all the elements – cover, quotes, text, etc – desired for the ad and a copy will be sent for approval prior to being published. I am unable to promise anything fancy (my skills only go so far). Here are a few examples of what I’ve done:

KAdrienne-Black Hills Wolves

How do I pay you? Do you accept pay pal, credit cards, a mailed check?
My preferred method of payment is via Paypal and an invoice will be sent once all services are agreed upon. However, I have no problem accepting mailed checks as long as they are received prior to the ad’s posting date. At this time, credit cards can only be used via Paypal.

Why are you using AWStats instead of Google Analytics? (March 20, 2014)
When LE started back in 2007, AWStats was considered one of the best tracking tools used by many system administrators in communities Jesse followed and that’s what we implemented on the site. As technology tends to do, innovations and advances have been made with newer tracking systems coming out; and since we’ve never had an issue with the numbers generated by AWStats, and in the beginning I wasn’t watching my numbers, we never felt the need to change.

When I started accepting advertising on the site, I began to pay more attention to the numbers and have used the AWStats numbers as part of my marketing. It’s only been in the last few months that I’ve realized that many tend to use Google Analytics as the standard and have only recently implemented Google Analytics on LE.  However I’ve been hesitate to change my numbers to what Google Analytics gives me due to the huge difference in the two numbers. As an example, in August 2013, AWStats has that LE received 17,998 unique visitors, but Google Analytics tells me that LE received 4,278 unique visitors. Considering the gap in the two numbers, I want to know why before I make the many changes in various places.

One of the main differences we’ve found so far is that AWStats directly monitors LE’s access logs, which include pages that are PDFs, and Google Analytics does not. Considering my highest hit page is the 2014-2017 Release Dates List, which was a PDF and has since gotten an upgrade, that’s a big deal for me. So I’m still researching the two and will continue to use AWStats since that is where I currently have more information at my fingertips.

Statistical Tracking Update (December 1, 2014)
Sadly, I’m now finding a need a to change how LE tracks visitors and page hits. Over the past year, we’ve noticed that AWStats has stopped recording historical data past 30 days; in other words, if I didn’t grab the data for October in November, by December 1st it would be gone. This sucks especially since I didn’t realize this quick enough and actually lost all LE’s numbers for an entire month.

So beginning January 1st, LE will begin using Google Analytics to track our numbers, which a lot of people have already gone to. December will be the final month that is tracked by AWStats. In January, LE will begin using Google Analytics, so our numbers will be considerably smaller since there is a difference with the two systems.



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