#CMCon At The Beach

Literary Escapism has had the awesome opportunity of being one of the featured bloggers for the Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach, Florida. With this distinction, one of our responsibilities is to help showcase the various featured authors that will be appearing at the conventions as well as the convention itself.

I don’t know about you guys, but putting together an endless run of interviews can get dull after awhile. Especially when I’m not the only one doing convention spotlights. I wanted to do something a little different…and I do love mini fiction (case in point – Black Friday and School’s In)…so I started scheming.

I had this idea and I talked with quite of few of the authors, and they were on board!

That idea became a new exclusive mini-fiction event here on LE called At the Beach, which features the #CMCon authors as they take their characters to the beach for some fun in the sun. Whether it’s a fun relaxing trip, the start to some new adventure, or whatever, we’ve seen some pretty fun trips to the beach and I have a feeling there is more fun in the sun to come.

Every year I get fabulous stories from all the participating authors and if you’ve missed any, here they are, all in one place. *grin*

The longest story to date is Ghost on the Beach by Stephen Osborne (2017) at 2,446 words; I wonder who’ll break the record next.


Longest Story: A Dragonlings’ Day at the Beach by S.E. Smith (1,845)
Word Count Range: 435 – 1,845
Averaged Word Count: 969

A Dragonlings’ Day at the Beach by S.E. Smith
At the Beach with Hannah Halloran by Mary Behre
A Destructive Delta by Charlie Cochet
Tricks, Treats and Sandy Feets by Lucienne Diver
Beach Break by Tawdra Kandle
When Worlds Collide by Jocelynn Drake
At the Beach with Elen and Cormack by Jan DeLima
Isn’t Anyone Coming to the Beach with Me? by Kathy Lyons / Jade Lee
At the Beach with the Beckett Brothers Dana Marie Bell
At the Beach Under a Harvest Moon by Lisa Kessler
Beach Bodies by KC Burn
At the Beach with Andromeda and Rayfe by Jeffe Kennedy
At the Beach with Eddie and Lane from Such a Dance by Kate McMurray
Waves by Nancy Northcott
At the Beach with Daire Dunne by Rebecca Zanetti
The Baba Yagas Go to the Beach by Deborah Blake


Longest Story: Ghost on the Beach by Stephen Osborne (2,446)
Word Count Range: 508 – 2,446
Averaged Word Count: 1221

At the Beach with Meghan and Sam by Tawdra Kandle
Therians Gone Wild by Charlie Cochet
Ghost on the Beach by Stephen Osborne
A Day at the Beach with Brice and Cassie by Kristal Hollis
10 Reasons You Won’t Find Lee Schulz at the Beach by Kait Ballenger
Finding the Right Beach Shot—Cougar Style by Terry Spear
On the Beach: One Wild Ride by Deborah Blake
Tara and Cambria Go to the Beach by Heather Hildenbrand
At the #CMCon17 Beach with Jeff and Elaine St. Claire by Dee Davis
Goin’ Fishin by BA Tortuga
Realm Walker at the Beach by Kathleen Collins
Padre for a Week by Julia Talbot
Beached Muse by RL Naquin
Nikki & Damien At the Beach by J. Kenner
Beach Life by KC Burn
How Julie Got Out Of Doing The Dishes For The Rest Of Her Life by Kathy Lyons


Longest Story: Dragon’s Diversion by JD Monroe (4,040)
Word Count Range: 504 -4,040
Averaged Word Count: 1,842

Sandy Escape by April Alieda
At the Beach with Daeglan and Sionnach by Tawdra Kandle
All The Time by BA Tortuga
Sharkula by Lucienne Diver
Angel’s Beach by Amy Lane
Beach Livestream by CS Poe
Zanth Returns To The Beach by Robin D. Owens
Popovers by Piper J. Drake
Dragon’s Diversion by JD Monroe


Low Tide by Morgan Brice (Gail Z. Martin)

QuickFire Q&A with…
Kait Ballenger
Bru Baker
Hank Edwards


This year we took a slight hiatus, but we’ll be back for #CMC21!


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