Wotaki, Dance With Devils, Saiki K, Blue Spring Ride, Honey Blood, & LDK

If I had to describe the reading I did this summer in one word, it would have to be anime. It all started with “previewing” something the MonkeyMan wanted to watch, and it evolved into a lot of binge watching. Then I noticed a horrifying trend – if a manga series is done as an anime, the anime doesn’t cover the entire series! So not only did I get sucked into a lot of anime this summer, but I’ve also been devouring a ton of manga. Seriously, according to my GoodReads shelf, I’ve already read 180+ books this year!  Last year I read 51 books, to say that I’ve caught the reading bug again would be a gross understatement.

While I’ve been reading a lot, I haven’t done much reviewing. Not here on LE at least. I’ve thrown a few thoughts up on the LE instagram account, so I thought I would gather them and share them now, as they were originally posted.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku by Fujita

It’s easy to see that the manga Wotakoi started out as a web comic; it’s very episodic with quirky characters. It’s like a sitcom, and honestly that is not a bad thing because it translated into an #anime very well – it allowed for the writers to mix up scenes while keeping the story flowing. For the #geeks out there, or if you live/hang with one, it’s very relatable.

This series is still pretty new, as the third volume isn’t out until November 20th. Wotakoi is also available as an anime on Amazon Prime.

LDK by Ayu Watanabe

I’m #currentlyreading the manga LDK by Ayu Watanabe and I am so hooked. I can’t put them down and I’m kicking myself for not downloading Vol 12 before I left the hotel; but maybe that’s a good thing. I should be sightseeing, not reading all day, right?

I found out later that I couldn’t have downloaded LDK Vol 12 because it doesn’t release until November 13, 2018. Yeah…it’s going to be pre-ordered as soon as the kindle version goes up.

Blue Spring Ride by Io Sakisaka (Ao Haru Ride)

Can someone please explain to me why manga is turned into anime, but they don’t do the entire series, even if the series has ended?! I get that it’s not cost efficient if it’s not selling – BUT WHY LEAVE US HANGING!! I binged the entire Blue Spring Ride anime last night and now I wanted to finish the story, but the manga isn’t available as an ebook. What’s more, I can’t find any descriptions of the individual volumes so I can figure out where I need to pick up. ARGH!

I found out later that the manga hasn’t even been released yet! Ao Haru Ride, Vol. 1 releases Oct 2, 2018!

Dance With Devils (Dansu Wizu Debirusu)

I just finished watching Dance With Devils and all I can say is, there better be more. Especially after that ending. It can’t end that way; that’s my belief since the last scene hints at more to come. So I’m hopeful there will be more because Dance With Devils was a fantastic #PNR. Plus it was a musical and the music made all the feels hit harder.

Sadly this isn’t based off a manga, but a video game, so there is more to the story, I just can’t get to it yet.

Honey Blood by Miko Mitsuki (Mitsu Aji Blood)

I just finished #reading both volumes of Honey Blood by Miko Mitsuki and I have to ask…why does the last chapter say it’s the final chapter?! Seriously…how can this be the end because it seems like it just leave things hanging; especially with two of the characters introduced. It feels like there’s more story, but everything I’m seeing only shows two volumes. While it was a good story, it just definitely feels incomplete.

I found out later that there was a third book to this duology, Honey Blood: Tale Zero, but is the same story. My impression is that ZERO is the original weekly chapters and the author expanded it for the individual volumes.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo No Sainan)

Psy says The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is hilariously funny. … Sadly, every time I ask him why does he think it’s funny, all he keeps telling me is “IT’S AWESOME!”.

It is very amusing watching an extremely powerful psychic deal with high school life. Some of the situations he finds himself in is ridiculous, but he actively tries not to use his powers, which usually backfires on him.

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