Resist by Tracey Martin

Just like Tracey Martin’s first RedZone book, Revive, there are so many twists and turns in Resist that the ending is utterly unpredictable. The alternating timelines got a bit confusing, but honestly, it made me turn the pages faster and faster. Picking right up where Revive left off, Resist is the continuation of a wild ride.

TMartin-ResistTruth is a powerful weapon…but explosives never hurt.

Sophia can run but she can’t hide. RedZone is on her tail and those of the six tech-augmented soldiers who escaped its clutches with her. If she could only focus on fighting her way to safety, she might live long enough to disappear. But it’s not just her own backside she needs to watch out for.

At her side is her boyfriend, Kyle. He’s the reason she found the courage to escape, and she’ll do anything to keep him and his secrets out of RedZone’s hands. Only problem is, since she was once sent to capture him, he has good reason not to trust her.

In fact, there’s not much trust to go around. RedZone keeps finding them, suggesting someone is a traitor. And if that’s not enough to recapture the group, the organization has a backup plan. One that will force Sophia and Kyle to choose between safety and risking everything one more time.

Warning: Contains killer robots, mutant college students, and dangerous super soldiers. And those are the good guys. It’s enough to make a rogue assassin wish she were taking her philosophy final instead.

Sophia is on the run and doesn’t know who to trust. Her memories are gone…again.  This time, though, they are slowly bleeding through – enough to make her question everything and everyone. Again, I was drawn in by Sophia’s plight.  She’s tough and strong and hopelessly confused. Everyone in her life is attempting to convince her of something. There must be good guys and bad guys, but she isn’t sure who is telling the truth.  There’s a vulnerability in Sophia. She’s reaching out to those around her, craving physical and emotional comfort in a near-impossible situation.

The plot is complicated, interesting, and completely captivating. Because the story is told in alternating time lines, it’s nearly impossible to discuss any given plot point without giving anything away. Sophia’s on the run. She can’t trust anyone. Sophia may have no memories, but she knows something isn’t right.  There’s something big in the works, if only she could remember how she knows…

Fun and action-packed to the last page, a wildly entertaining Resist keeps you on the edge of your seat long after the book is over.  The action may have concluded, but I still want to know more about Sophia, Kyle, and all their friends.

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  1. I like a book that has lots of twists and turns but they sometimes can get a little cloudy.But most of the time I find that I still love the book. Right now I am reading Fire in the Mind by Arjay Lewis, and his twists are all about mind games and it’s been a fantastic read.

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